Change of heart

i chopped my hair off recently. there are other more gradual image changes that happen, almost imperceptible really, until we flip through the photo album and look with horror at how we used to dress. but i undergo bigger changes once in a while, where i can feel the gears shifting. this time, it started with a haircut. it was a big change. it changed how long my showers take, it changed how other's see me (daring to some, "sir" to others - swear, the other day i got "have a good day sir," as i exited a store! lol), and it changed how i want to dress.

then the hair started to grow (it's startling, and very inconvenient, how quickly short hair grows) and i contemplated letting it, until i realized that the fashion path i was on, at present, fit with my short-hair frame of mind. i have to keep the hair short. i like it short. i like working with the change. i like that necklines and collars are so much more interesting to me now.

i loved playing with my dolls as a child. the hair, the clothes, the plotlines. each was a blank slate, waiting for my direction. this haircut reminded me that i can start anew with my self as well.

how often do you think you undergo a revision of your image, or explore a whole new style? what is the catalyst for the change?


fashionaddict said...

I can SO relate - i chopped off my hair two years ago, and then cropped it shorter still earlier this year.

The first thing I noticed was that I immediately had a whole new tolerance for frills like ruffles on a neckline, a puff sleeve - because it seemed to square off nicely with a boyish haircut.

Short hair seemed to give me the freedom to be a little more playful with my style, and no one would bat an eyelid because it goes with 'short hair' territory.

It was quite liberating to take control of your look - that's why I like fashion, it's self expression on a daily, functional basis.

I suppose the interesting thing is that it didn't have anything thing to do with external influences.

For me, style changes tend to be like that - it's an immensely personal decision understood only by yourself - and it doesn't happen very often. I'm definitely not one to try a new look every season.

Carlene said...

I never explore a whole new style. I guess I've revised my image as I've grown older, but not much. Should I? I should, shouldn't I? I guess my hair has been a few different colors, but that's not really a whole new style, or a revision of my image.

Here's an example of how little I've changed: When I was about 12, my grandmother and aunt were visiting and wanted to take me shopping for some clothes for school. I think they had planned on my getting a whole new, cheap, pre-teen wardrobe, because when I told them that I wanted to spend it all on one gray wool blazer, they got mad. (I could tell they were mad because they were speaking animatedly in Hungarian to each other, and in the midst of all the Hungarian the only words I understood were "gray blazer.") (They did buy it for me, though, and I wore it to pieces with matching gray and mauve plaid flares and a pale pink and pale gray angora sleeveless sweater. I was 12! I would happily wear that outfit now, if it still existed.

This is actually kind of a revelation. I guess I'd love to revise my image, or explore a new style, I just can't think of any way to do that that wouldn't make me feel...weird.

Iheartfashion said...

My style has undergone several complete revisions, from flowy skirts and lots of beads and necklaces during my hippie/following the Grateful Dead phase in the late 80's/early 90's, to a total embrace of the grunge aesthetic to a very tailored, professional look when I started my first "real" job. Now I think I'm trying to find my real style, apart from trends, and refine it. Also, I'm terrified of looking too "soccer mom", so I like a little edge to whatever I'm wearing and nothing too prissy.

editor said...

fashionaddict - yes, the haircut opened me up to a lot of details, increased my desire for them.
indeed, very interesting that it was a change brought on independently... hmmm...

carlene - interesting that you bring up the continuity from your present taste to your past. when i have changes, it usually feels like they bring me back to myself, not farther away. things i tried ... decades ago would still totally appeal to me now. shoe styles, pants, styling details, everything. i lovingly recall purple cargo pants from when i was 9 maybe. gorgeous. i think i drift away from that center of awareness and then i do something, in this case a haircut, and i feel revitalized and more attune to my own taste.

iheartfashion - i think each of those styles were you, at those various stages. you were expressing your discoveries and interests, and you still are. the only people who should look "soccer mom" are moms who play soccer! :)