The Clash said it best

besides buying exactly what i want, i have to remember to wear exactly what i have. there are a number of items waiting semi-patiently in my drawers and in my closet. you can tell they've sort of given up on me. when that crack of light shines through as i come in for a peek, they don't perk up. they know they won't even be considered. so why haven't i give up on them yet? should they stay or should they go?

these are items, mind you, that i adore (see pic. of burberry plaid wool pants - no, that is not me), but do not wear. i often go with a second-tier item in order to save the preferred item for some mythical other time. perhaps if i got rid of the substitutes, i would get down to wearing the great items. one thing that stops me is that great items, for me, are usually real stand outs. i have to get over the concern that i might wear a very memorable pair of pants twice in one week.
game plan - separate items that thrill me from items that are security blanket stand-ins.

do you wear your favorite clothes?


Anonymous said...

reminded me of my D&G plaid pants I bought years ago. perfect fit. It was a bit too long, so i even had it tailored. That pair of pants came out of the closet no more than twice.
It spent the rest of the time in the closet for about 7 years.
security blanket theory. that was exactly it.
yup. I tossed it.
my lesson: if you are not brave enough to wear it, don't buy it.

editor said...

these were so long i originally had them shortened about 7 inches and then they fell down past my heel. now i am shortening them further. on me, they will work better even shorter, like above the ankle. (i can feel the skepticism.) trust me.
yes yes, must be brave! :)

Iheartfashion said...

I almost NEVER wear my favorite clothes, mainly because they are too "fancy" for my actual life. When I buy them I tend to picture myself wearing them someday when I have an apartment in Paris and a much more glamourous life. And my husband does nothing to discourage this. Clearly, we need a voice of reason in the house!

Carlene said...

I actually have to force myself to wear my favorites, the good stuff. But I try to, at least once in a while. I have a lot of delicate, sheer, dry-clean-only blouses, and I don't really have a life that supports the wearing of delicate blouses, but I force myself to wear them over camisoles with tweed trousers (and sneakers) to the bookstore or coffeeshop. It helps a lot if you put the good stuff with a more casual shoe; works for men, too!

fashionista-ta said...

Yes, I most definitely wear my favorites. I also wear my not-so-favorites, unless I decide they're unflattering & there's no way to fix it.

fashionista-ta said...

A tip re wearing something memorable twice in a week ...

I have a double hook in my bedroom, and as I return the clothes I wore that day to their hangers, I hang them on the hook. It's OK to repeat the top or bottom from the day before, as long as it's not a standout item. Those items stay on the hook for the rest of the week. On the weekend, everything goes back to the closet.

Of course, I suspect that on occasion I have worn something very similar on Monday to what I wore on Friday--every system has its limits ;)

Christine said...

this is EXACTLY my problem. I am always saving my best items for "later". It means a lot of great items sit in my closet, unworn. Must change this.

Your blog is very inspiring, all around.

editor said...

hi christine, really glad you like it.
i have to tell you, i was pretty amazed/frightened to realize how much i wasn't using my own clothes. when i started a previous blog, 34 pieces, it was an eye-opener and what i learned is helping me pick my clothes (and use them) going forward. it was also alarming at how inhibited i was to wear my favorite clothes, for now, for life, and how hesitant i was to surrender the security blanket clothing i was hanging on to but not at all loving. a waste of time and money i don't want to repeat, ever again.