once in a while, i get dressed and everything clicks. i think i look good, i feel good, it’s all good. i haven’t quite figured out the formula for these small successes (though i’m trying to because i’m aiming for a wardrobe of them) – quite often this winning outfit incorporates a new item, so i’m suspicious that my judgment is clouded by my infatuation with the newest addition. but regardless, when i feel really really great in an outfit, it throws a cloud over nearly everything else in my closet. and naturally i want to feel that great every day.
why do i bother with anything else when x makes me feeling like a million bucks. i know many closets are filled with enough filler items to sufficiently postpone a repeat for over a week at least, but if i’ve found the outfit that does it all, why stray? hypothetically, if i laundered the items each day, what’s the harm in repeating? okay, that’s extreme. it’s my impulse, but i’ll grant it’s an extreme one. how about a more civilized compromise?

do you have a rule at what frequency you’re willing to repeat?


modelbehavior said...

I have no rules about repeating pants, even after a day or two, but with tops, I will wait at least 2 weeks. As for repeating the same exact outfit, only if I'm going somewhere no one has seen me in!

Anonymous said...

sigh..repeat look. my work does not allowed jeans, and i cannot wear skirt/dresses because it's always cold in there.
so..i repeat my pants every week. mind you these pants already look almost the same. same color shade, simliar cut, simliar material....
I don't repeat them. but in a sense, I am repeating everyday.
I do rotate tops. but for awhile..that's also uniform tops. same brand of tops with different neckline/colors. but exact same fit.
I am starting to invest into pieces that are flattering to my aging changing body shape. starting with tops. weed out a lot of unwanted fillers. hopefully the pieces i am adding up are good choices.

editor said...

modelbehavior - so it's not about cleanliness but about the diversity, is that right?

anonymous - so you're repeating with different stuff. lol, uniform. too bad you can't just wear a lab coat. ;)

i'm going to try to get comfortable with the idea of repeating. twice in a week?
with 34 pieces, i was showing how little one needed to not repeat, but now i want to be comfortable with having little (not for the sake of minimalism, mind you, just to have a wardrobe with no fillers, that i'm entirely happy with and will actively use) and using it a lot.

editor said...

lol, sorry, i just read what i wrote and it came out wrong.
modelbehavior - i meant that even if the clothes are clean, you strive for distance between the looks on purpose, is that right?

editor said...

harsh reality - what would you guys think of someone repeating at item in one week?

Iheartfashion said...

It was a revelation to me when I had a French teacher in 9th grade, who was from France just spending a year in the U.S., and this (very stylishly dressed) teacher would wear the same exact outfit (OK, I don't know about socks and underwear) for 3 days IN A ROW. Whether because laundry facilities are rare (and tiny) in Paris apartments or just a cultural difference, I've observed this with others since then.
Anyway, I think it's OK to repeat in the same week. If you've got a winner, why not wear it again!

Anonymous said...

editor: i can wear a lab coat, i actually should. but I am anti lab coat. It's hanging on my office door as we speak. :P
I guess I enjoy my uniforms a bit more than the boring white coat. With a lab coat,i penmark myself all over anyways.

editor said...

iheartfashion - i'm glad you brought it up. there are other cultures where repeating your clothes more frequently does not detract from one's style quotient. what factors make it okay? what factors make it not okay? in paris, is the acceptance of repetition based on practicality (lack of space, laundering, etc.) or values, or did one produce the other...???

hi "anonymous" ;)
if you could wear anything in the world to work, what would it be?

Anonymous said...

dear editior..you are making me think again! my brain hurts.
anything in the world? wow!
I would wear what I wear on weekends. dresses, jeans, cute tops, sandles, boots, comfortable clothing.
not kakhi pants for sure.

Candid Cool said...

I have one pair of slim cut pants from forever 21 of all places, i would live my life in them if i could! So I'm cutting it down to once a week then to once every 2 weeks...

eJade said...

Maybe I shouldn't comment on an old post but I can't resist mentioning this regarding repeat dressing:


candid cool, why cut back if you love those pants? I'd wear them *more* than once a week!

eJade said...

Late to the party. And then I screw up the link.

Here it is: the LittleBrownDress site.

Good first impression, ej.

eJade said...

Okay, if this doesn't work I'll go away and never bother you again.


Even better second impression.

Hopefully, after all that, you either: a) find it interesting or b) never even see this reply to an old post.

up and down town said...

ejade - you are too funny.
i know about little brown dress. that's an extreme and more of performance art, i think, than a rational approach to getting dressed.

do you repeat an item/outfit more than once a week? i definitely do when i want to. and i think i should do it more often.

ps anyone who comments, and is that committed to providing info., etc. makes a very good impression on me.

- editor

eJade said...

I think the one of the more interesting facets of the little brown dress project was the reaction of people around her, before it was known that it was a performance of sorts. Of course, the people who didn't react may simply have chosen not to comment - you can never really tell what people do or don't notice.

As for repeats, I've gone a full work week many times wearing the same (black) pants every day. Some people probably assumed they were a different pair every day (because who would wear the same pants every day?) and possibly other weeks when I did wear a different pair every day (but always black & slim) some people might have thought it was the same pair over and over again! I'll repeat wearing the same blazer or cardigan too - but not every day.

anyone who comments, and is that committed to providing info., etc. makes a very good impression on me.

That's a relief - I'm usually referred to as too stubborn for my own good. :)

editor said...

you're another stubborn one? i hear that word a lot!

very very true, regarding the brown dress project. i agree there was definite value to that in the reaction it provoked in others.
i was surprised that the wardrobe chosen for my original blog (now closed), 34 pieces, was regarded as extreme in size. i found that 34 pieces was actually more than enough, in fact quite in excess of what i needed and enjoyed using - for a season. these days, so many people consider it quite normal to have more than 10 pairs of jeans...