Full circle

i'm told that i was very loyal to dresses in my early youth. floor-length "granny dresses" are my mom's exact words. at some point i moved on and eventually became the denim enthusiast that i am today. without missing a beat, i would respond, "jeans," if posed the question "if you were on a deserted island and could have just one thing to wear, what would it be?" but no one is asking and i'm not on that secluded isle so setting aside how i feel in pants and taking a moment to reflect on how i look in them, i think i may have been on to something in my single-digit years.

though i'm not saying it's all been down-hill since, i would like to recapture some of my early enthusiasm for dresses, shedding some of the stigma i may have attached to them either as too immature or too femmy. the truth is, time has altered my shape a bit and frankly, dresses hide everything. okay, “hide” isn’t the right word, otherwise this post would be about mumus (and it’s not! but quick fashion aside, how freaky are the similarities between this and this?).
dresses are just more flattering on me. is it too big a risk to make something i’ve avoided a mainstay in my new wardrobe?

what would you be curious to revisit from your fashion past?


laurieann said...

Oh now that was scary! What a difference a few inches on the hem makes. Very good idea for the post.

As for dresses I say if they fit and look good on you, why not. I think dresses can be especially crisp worn to work with some great accessories.

Dresses just don't work well for me these days as I have too many figure "problems." I'd love to be able to wear DVF wrap dresses but they don't come in my size. Darn!

editor said...

laurieann - you know, dvf would never work on me either, and they definitely have my size. it's too drapey/clingy. it would be a full reveal, instead of a full conceal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Editor, it's Midnight here :)

EEEEK!!!!! I never would have thought the first dress to be anything like what I've always considered a house dress, wow!I know for a fact that I'd look like cr*p in either:(

I just can't get behind dresses for some reason. I haven't figured out exactly why yet...something to do with length maybe. I love shorter skirts but again will wear them only with black tights...shorter dresses usually look better with bare legs it seems especially in summer:)

I should stop and anaylse the problem a little better I know. Maybe being short waisted, long legged is the problem?? I dunno.

Editor...I am loving this new blog! I'm going to be SO sad when 34 pieces is done. You know that quote about how opening your closet should be like going to a party where you like everyone? Well...your wardrobe was feeling like that for me. Really.

Anonymous said...

To compensate my lack of princess dresses in childhood. I turned into a Charlotte in SATC type of dress person.
Turned out they don't work too well for me. At-waist dresses make me very self conscious.
Editor, you are right. the clothes have to love me. Not the other way.

AllaboutNice said...

LOL, that perfectly shows how marketing is all and I fall for it every time, I loved that APC dress until I saw the comparison, it was like a bucket of water over my water, thanks for the reality check. I definitely need some Retail Recovery.

editor said...

midnight - a shorter dress in a bright color looks great with black tights, so maybe you can have it both ways. :)
but my body is evenly half torso and half legs, so when i wear pants, being broken up right in the middle is not flattering i'm finding. i love a tunic-length top over pants, otherwise i need the waistline high enough to make the legs look longer (you know, so that i look like i have your "problem" lol). with dresses i can fake that with either no waist or where i place a belt. for me, with dresses, i think the hemline is very important. still experimenting with that.
i'm really thrilled that 34 pieces struck a cord with you. i think it actually has a while to go, if i can bring myself to keep it up - the only challenge is how it has shaped my relationship with my clothes and getting dressed, the artificial goal of making a unique combo. at the same time, it's a valuable lesson for me about what constitutes "a lot" because 34 feels like a lot now. :)

anonymous - you said that very well. i will make a point to look for things that love me. ;)

allaboutnice - get this, that mumu is growing on me! help. LOL

Iheartfashion said...

Good point about the power of marketing and presentation!
As for dresses, I love them on other people, but can't seem to wear them myself. I am all leg, and always look like my waist's too high, a sort of Pee Wee Herman look (although that seems to be in fashion at the moment: see Prada's super-high satin minis.)