working with little doesn't mean working with less when it comes to style. i want to be clear in my choices that i am not looking for an easy wardrobe, or a mix-n-match assortment of neutral items.
the late great isabella blow (pics 1&2, steven meisel) reminds me of
2 things: hats and feathers (she liked hers together).

there is no question that the end result must be a collection of distinctive pieces. each outfit/item should have an impact, should convey something of the individual wearing it.

and there should always be feathers.

do you have a signature piece or style?


La Primavera said...

I don't know if it can be called a signature piece, but I never wear pants/jeans; only skirts and dresses.

It is sad that Blow is gone.

editor said...

la primavera - that is definitely a signature style.

yes, sad for her and sad for us. it feels odd to say, but i will definitely miss that stranger.

Carlene said...

I don't! I don't have a signature style! But I want one. I always wanted a lean, clean and serene sort of style; Raf Simons-does-yoga-on-the-beach. Remember Calvin Klein in the late 80s? (It's okay, no one does). It's rough when you're attracted to vintage prints, though.

Iheartfashion said...

That first picture of Isabella is stunning. I hadn't seen that one before. She's such a great example of individual style, along with Iris Apfel, women who weren't afraid to take risks and were committed fashion non-conformists. Very interested to see your new project.

editor said...

carlene - hmmm, vintage prints, that sounds signature. calvin klein and vintage prints - there's a marriage of contrasts. but it might also be your "thing." :)

iheartfashion - isn't it nice to remember that she was about more than just her last image or her last action?! we have to give credit to mr. meisel i suspect as well, but i also think isabella was more beautiful than she realized (easy to forget when you work in the industry). and certainly for me, she was beautiful for her independent vision. fashion is transformative and she created something with it, to be sure.

fashionista-ta said...

I think these days I'm known for my shoes, which tend to be on the wild side ;) I never wear blue jeans, usually wear skirts, am often a bit overdressed ... the legacy of my childhood.

The picture of Isabella in the clown hat is just beautifully constructed ... gorgeous.