it is interesting that i am no less inspired by linda's blunt bob than i am by louise's. also interesting to me is that this cut didn't look retro or exclusively referential when linda did it. it is, in my opinion, one of those rare things that transcends time and trends. it is (i'm afraid this is very corny but...) timeless.

is "timeless" something that is important to you?

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Iheartfashion said...

Love the bob!
Timeless IS important, to a point, but I don't want to be too boring. Taking fashion risks involves sometimes getting it wrong and looking back at the photos from a decade ago and cringing. I had a great-aunt, very New England WASP, lived in Wellesley, summered on the Vineyard, etc etc. Anyway, her style never changed during the 30 years that I knew her. She, without fail, wore wool cuffed trousers from Brooks Bros, with a blazer and white button-down and loafers. Her hairstyle was exactly the same as it had been in 1955 (I've seen photos). It suited her and was very classic and never looked dated, but also too safe, TOO much of a uniform for me.