A lot on the line

there is shopping for a fantasy life, and then there is shopping for a fantasy wardrobe. ever find the perfect x that sweeps you off your feet, only to discover you don't have the y and z to go with it? to speak more plainly, let's say you find a great pair of boots. these boots really go with skirts, and you wear pants. what do you do, change your whole style? with an item like this, there are 2 choices - buy them and they languish, unused, or buy them and allow them to set off an absolutely necessary shopping spree to correct the wrong that was your previously unaccommodating wardrobe.
ooops, totally forgot option C. pass.

do you make sure that new items are compatible with your current wardrobe?


Anonymous said...

just as guilty as the incomplete outfit crime- the flipflop finish.
my excuse--1. i am in LA, nobody cares. (oh really..?) 2.i am still building my wardrobe, including shoes. (i know..that's a lame excuse).
which made me laughed at myself. while barely building the wardrobe of basic essential. how can one(yea, me) be so stupid to look at the perfect x w/o y and z to go with it.

Candid Cool said...

I used to buy things because they were gorgeous knowing i could never wear them.

But I am reformed now. The major decision is if it goes with what I already have and even more so if I can wear it work.

Iheartfashion said...

If I see something that's just so incredible I simply MUST own it (which happened this morning, oddly enough, with a Derek Lam strapless corset dress with a tulip skirt (and pockets!), I will buy it and change my wardrobe, if not my style, to accomodate it. Some things are just too good to pass up, and even if I have to throw a party myself, I will create an occasion to wear it.

editor said...

lol, we have the extremes here.
anonymous - you could do like iheartfashion and change your style for the right x. :)
iheartfashion - i LOVE your enthusiasm for this amazing dress you described. i'm excited for you. i think if you even get to wear this dress once it will be worth it because you see something magical in it.

candid cool - i am reformed too. it's how i started the weeding.

anonymous - l.a. can be a difficult place to feel motivated/pressured to dress up. been there. ;) i always stood out like a freak for not wearing flipflops. lol

Anonymous said...

i will buy a dress or outfit when i have no shoes to go with it, but i wont buy shoes without the possibility of already having clothes that go with the shoes.....possibly (to tie in with the earlier thoughts) because i see shoes as an accessory ??? hmmm

Christine said...

I guess I have honestly never changed my style for a piece of clothing. Often thought about it; never went through with it. I simply do not have the resources (ie: money!). I need to make sure everything can work together to stretch my wardrobe.

Christine said...


just wanted to let you know that coming across your blog (+ your 34 pieces blog) has finally pushed me to make a much-needed purge of my closet. I spent much of today finding things I can sell, and the rest to give to charity. Thanks for the push!

theovereducatedvalet said...

I think my taste is consistent enough that pretty much anything I gravitate towards in the stores can be mixed with some of the other pieces in my wardrobe. That said, I'm sometimes tempted by pieces that are inexpensive and overly trendy. Those end up languishing a bit in the back of the closet and only getting pulled out when I feel guilty about not wearing them enough (hello, navy jersey empire waist dress with handkerchief sleeves). I guess it's less that I can't find other pieces to match and more that I just don't feel like myself in them. But since they were cheap, I figure that even if I only wear them once or twice, it's not the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

When I see something fabulous (read: funky, completely off the beaten track) I buy it even if I don't have anything to match, and then i just find a way to work it into the clothes I have. usually i use it to off-set an otherwise plain/boring outfit.