Pay full price, and save

when i originally weeded for 34 Pieces, i started by sorting my clothes. i had 3 piles. the pieces that wow me (which i had to remember to make myself wear) and the grab-and-go pieces that were easy. and then a much more interesting pile, the third, that was full of pretty nice items that just weren't quite right. why would i buy a top that didn't quite fit, or a beautiful sweater but the color wasn't right for me? because it was on sale, of course.
i always congratulated myself for financially benefitting from having taste that was just a bit off. wasn't i lucky that the quirky pieces i liked always found their way to the sale section. you know what i'm starting to think? i'm starting to think that i chose my clothes based on their reduced price more than anything else.
i compulsively shop the sale section on sites, and gravitate to that rack in the back of the store. a "sale" sign in the window always draws me in. or i should say, it used to.
here's a bit of wisdom - if you just start off buying exactly what you want, you might end up wanting what you've got. just like all typical "in the long run" good ideas, it's hard to enforce it here and now, but it's just the truest thing for me. when i buy on sale, i am usually settling, one way or the other, unless (there are always exceptions) unless it is something i admired pre-sale and then was ridiculously, impossibly lucky enough to stumble upon the item marked down, in my size, and in my desired color, with no damage! that’s when I do a jig! of course what perfect item isn't 10 times better for having a below value price to go with it, but regardless of the peace of mind this gives my credit card and conscience, the reality is that any piece of clothing is only worth the cost, high or low, IF I WILL WEAR IT. saving 50% off of a $100 to score a blouse in the wrong color is really a terrible deal. an absolutely rotten deal. any economist will tell you that if you spent $50 on something you will never use, you didn't save $50, you lost $50. if, on the other hand, you fork over the full $100 and wear the item all the time and are satisfied and therefore do not continue to search for the perfect x, you will have made a wise investment in your wardrobe.
i would rather have 3 perfect dresses, instead of 8 okay dresses. i am going to look for full-price items to put into my closet.

under what circumstances do you give yourself permission to pay full price?


laurieann said...

I'm an unusual shopper as I almost always purchase items regular price; unless it's on a "promotional" price of say 25% off. The sale racks in the back of the shop rarely have what I need.

I sure wouldn't mind finding what I'm looking for at a better price but over the years I've learned that if I am going to wear something and have it look good on me, I have to pay for it.

editor said...

"if i am going to wear something and have it look good on me, i have to pay for it" - that's it in a nutshell.

but it goes against a lot (i wanted to say "every" but that would sound hopeless then) of my impulses though.
must. pay. full. price.

Carlene said...

I look for a "thing." I usually have something in my head, and will spend a long time looking for it. If I find it (before I lose interest), I'll pay whatever price (within in reason). If it's on sale, it's probably an accident, since I never shop sales.

Here's what's funny, though. When I don't do the research, say there's an event and I just have to have a white fine ribbed skinny cardigan, for example, I'll hit up Marshall Field's (R.I.P.) or whatever at lunch and grab one (sale or not), and this will often as not end up being one of the most useful items in my wardrobe.

I love this blog, by the way, and love that you pose questions for us to think about how we buy.

editor said...

carlene - that is interesting about the quick necessity purchase. i'm doing some active/intentional shopping today and i'm finding it's quite difficult to approach shopping analytically rather than impulsively.
i love your participation, and your compliments! :)

Iheartfashion said...

Good point! I buy almost exclusively marked-down items, and often they aren't quite right. Of course, my mom and sister and friends benefit from this unfortunate habit, as it's usually perfect for someone else.

laurieann said...

Carlene; I totally agree with you about purchasing something quickly for a specific event. It never works for me either. That's why I try to maintain a core wardrobe of basics and slightly more dressy basics (silk, velvet, unusual print,etc.) that I can mix and match and say to myself "I'm satisfied, I'm done. This is what I'm wearing."

editor said...

iheartfashion - you are me. not only do i lose the $ spent on the item itself, but then i pay shipping costs to send it on to my very appreciative sister. on the other hand, it does take some of the sting off knowing it is making someone happy.

laurieann - carlene actually said that it does work out for her. she's a lucky one. i'm somewhere between you both. sometimes i get lucky if i wait and plot, and sometimes i get lucky if i attack on impulse.

laurieann said...

Carlene; my apologies for misreading your post. I was trying to visit my morning blogs before my son got out of bed and my unintelligent response was the result. A good lesson learned.

classic1908 said...

In my case, I only pay full price for specific items, generally "status classics," such as two of my Hermes scarves and my Chanel ballet flats. I'm getting ready to shell out the full amount of caiche (sic) for a pair of Manolo Blahnik black Carolynes later this year.