Role models

when you are drawn to celeb style, do you understand who/what you are drawn to? to admire someone or be inspired by them is stimulating and satisfying, but in this celeb-hyped day and age, it’s easy to be sold on a package (oh we’re too smart for that, right?), rather than an individual with an actual talent for fashion. if you want someone’s body, partner, career, house, fame, sometimes their style takes on a mythical quality, like it’s an ingredient in their success.
when i find myself being influenced by a red carpet face, i try to isolate the style from the hype. i was amused to be near a college campus at the very beginning of the olsens’ grip on fashion’s focus and see that they were just dressing like hundreds of others, and were not leaders but more so samples of their age group. they were, however, the only ones that would sell a tabloid by being on the cover, because no one was going to care what ruthie glander (totally made up name) was wearing to class.

(the above pictures are meant to illustrate the idea of separating the hype from the actual clothes when they are worn by more famous mortals, and therefore become visually accessible. they do not necessarily reflect the fashion ideals of this blogger... well, maybe the first one is fabulous.)

do you look far and wide for your role models, or just across the aisle/table/elevator/intersection?


Carlene said...

There are very few role models in the media that I might take fashion cues from. First, my body type is more Scarlett Johansson, however, she was born in 1984; I was a legal driver by then and had a job. Anyone my age-ish in the media seems to be a lot less curvy (is it my imagination?), and seems to dress with a lot more sophistication than I like (maybe that's just their public persona... maybe at home they wear teddy bear sweatshirts, I don't know).

If I could pick any media fashion role model, though, I'd pick Sophia Coppola or Jennifer Anniston. I'll bet their closets look sorta like mine, if you squint.

editor said...

i like sophia coppola's look so much, but if i really look closely, i am liking her vibe and the pieces she wears on her. but i forget that and think, oooo, cut-off denim mini,etc. but in fact a lot of the stuff she wears i would not look good in. i think i just need her to pick my clothes for me, because what i like is her eye and how she dresses herself. i like her emphasis on casual luxe (i'm ALL about that, in my head anyway, even if i haven't quite perfected it irl), etc. but while i think we semi (in my dreams) share an aesthetic, we don't share a body or the way we carry ourselves, so i have to remember that when i see her wearing x and think i ought to go buy x. on me, x will look like p. *sigh*

editor said...

i was wondering if anyone could id the people in the pictures i posted...

Iheartfashion said...

I share an aesthetic with Sophia Coppola too; I'm just waiting for Marc Jacobs to discover me as his new muse :)
There aren't many celebrities I'd want to dress like either. I'd never buy the stuff from those "get the look" magazine features. I'd like to think I have an individual style, but not SO individual as to cross over into Anna Piaggi or Isabella Blow territory (although I love(d) them, I'm not that brave and don't want to upset my children, who are already embarrassed by me).

fashionaddict said...

I always felt that Sofia Coppola was cool, because she's Sofia Coppola, it's not really about her clothes is it? Because I don't think it takes a genuius to pick out ballet flats, jeans, and white shirts. And little black dresses. I think it's safe to say just about every woman has some approximation of the above going on in their wardrobe. It's her attitude towards clothes that I admire - it's entirely her own style and not affected to please anyone or make deliberate impression (for all you know, it could all be calculated to look that way, but if so, she hides it very well).

That's what I look for when I seek inspiration - people who just wear, regardless of others. I like the way Amanda Harlech of Chanel looks, even though her aesthetic is very different from mine. I also like Kate Moss, though the shine has worn off somewhat, because we're being force-fed her style ad nauseum. And I love Milla Jovovich - her wardrobe is the one I want to copy the most, but even so, I'd rather do it my own way than copy it.

Anyway, love what you did with 34 pieces, and love the questions you're posing here. I'll definitely be visiting here often!