Shopping list

it would not be good business for the manager of a peanut factory to hire an elephant to carefully shell and sort the peanuts.
before i pick a new item, it might be useful to figure out what i want from it. before i become disappointed with an item, it might be helpful to figure out what exactly i want it to do. i suffer from hanger eye. i tend to love things while they’re still on the hanger. this means that i love them as objects, rather than based on how they work for me.
so now i’m thinking. do i want clothing to enhance my positive features, hide my less celebrated ones, or something else. for me, it’s something else. i tend to be more interested in a cardigan being a perfect color than whether or not it has a V- or round neck, long or short sleeves. tunnel vision for a random single detail, if you will (and i never keep in mind what i have at home and what it might go with – i develop instant amnesia on the spot for anything i own, including something that might be quite similar and therefore would negate the need for the item i’m considering). but then eventually this pretty-hued piece ends up being less useful than one with a round collar and long sleeves might have been. one with small subtle buttons. one that hits right at my hips. one without a collar. if i am most comfortable in pants with a high-waist, or i should say, a true waist, coming up to where my waistline is, shouldn’t i only buy pants with this type of waist (don’t worry, i already know the answer). why do i forget this so often?

are you aware of what you want your clothing to do? do you shop with a mental (or physical) list of your desired criteria? would it help?


Carlene said...

"...are you aware of what you want your clothing to do? do you shop with a mental (or physical) list of your desired criteria? would it help?"

I totally (try to) do this, I do, but you have diagnosed my true shopping weakness, the reason why, even though I shop like a shoppin' machine, I have too many clothes. Hanger eye!

Do you know how beautiful a dozen linen shirts, freshly pressed, in varying shades of white and natural look in a closet? Gorgeous. Do you have any idea how useless they are? Totally. I live in Illinois, and in one summer I could wear a different linen shirt for every day that the forecast calls for linen shirts. (Do you think it's because I wish I lived in a warmer climate, Dr.? LOL)

I have a weakness for certain knits, too, and colors, like you, just because they are beautiful things and not because they have anything at all to do with me.

And that, dear editor, is why it is sometimes so hard to clear them out. Who is going to appreciate these beautiful things more than I will?

I probably need an intervention.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love making lists. It has stopped me from buying a ridiculous amount of shoes, for example, and instead focusing in on what I really need and will get more use and enjoyment out of. I'm also a bargain shopper so the lists help me stay in budget but allow me to splurge.

Lately though I'm not feeling like buying much - gained a little weight - so that is a bummer.

Iheartfashion said...

Carlene said it well! I also suffer from hanger eye, and have a beautiful closet full of stuff that I don't wear. Looks lovely though!
I develop amnesia about what I already own as well, and tend to purchase that 4th green sweater without realizing I already have 3 I like.
And, worst of all, because I shop for other people, for a job, AND absolutely DESPISE returning things, I tend to keep anything that someone else can't use, in the hopes that I'll need formalwear or platform heels or be a size 24 jean or whatever in the near future.