my new sunglasses are a pair of ray-ban. i had a pair that i bought 8 years ago, for $200. $200 now is typical for nice frames, but 8 years ago it was a major splurge. then again, they lasted 8 years. they would have lasted longer but i seem to have misplaced them. i was very pleasantly surprised to find this pair (top pic), which are very similar to my last pair, and $100 less. i feel confident in ray-bans as a product. they are made in italy and manufactured by the same company that produces frames for chanel, prada, burberry, and a host of others (i am only a label snob when i don't have to pay for the hype). ray-bans were also worn by models on the hermes spring '07 runway (second pic, from

levi is another brand i feel good about, but not across the board. i am specifically loyal to men's levi shrink-to-fit 501 jeans and they will always be a part of my wardrobe. i have 2 pairs, one a shorter length, right to the ankle, and now i recently purchased a slightly longer pair that i will save for fall. despite the appearance in this picture, they are a true straight-leg, "normal rise", 100% trend-free. jeans, for me, are a rough and rugged masculine basic that beautifully balance a feminine piece or attitude. i don't have to treat them as precious, and that wear & tear only enhances their appeal and beauty. clothing that gets better with age is such a rare rare thing.

what are your go-to brands?


Carlene said...

Hi, yeah, me again. This is so funny, again, because I am also in the market for new sunglasses. It takes me months to decide on what is a $$ purchase for me, and I also plan to buy Ray-Bans (aviators in silver, though).

And just yesterday, I swear, I was thinking, I really only need two pair of jeans (I think I have 6, and pretty much wear only 1 pair), and wondered which brand I might choose. Levis 501s were the first thing that came to mind (last time I wore them, I was 14 and now I'm...not).

Levis and Ray-Bans...cannot go wrong, I'm thinking.

A lot of my go-to brands are so classic they might be boring...Adidas Stan Smiths, Converse, Coach. Eileen Fisher very fine knit sweaters. Jockey men's white tanks. Born shoes. I swear I'm not as frumpy as I sound.

editor said...

taking months to decide... that might be tomorrow's post. :)
i first thought of ray-bans when i saw them in the window of hermes. that made me pause. i love when a company is willing to acknowledge "this is already done really well by ____" so we'll use that. then, when i couldn't find my pair, well i thought of ray-bans again. i'm extremely satisfied. the lenses in my pair are much much darker than they appear in the pic here. more like the runway lenses.
6 jeans and you pretty much only wear 1 pair. oh i'm itching to come over and help you toss the other 5 pairs! i also met my first pair of levi 501s when i was in high school. and, so classic, they belonged to my boyfriend at the time. shrink-to-fit are a slightly different more challenging beast, but i'm getting the hang of them.
as for taking unexpected brands and making them part of a funkier look (i've seen pics of your trench, i know you're not frumpy), that's just smart, personal styling. wait until you see the shoes i'm obsessed with - i will post them once i've done a little more research...

Iheartfashion said...

My go-to brands are Tod's (for driving loafers), Furla (for well-made classic bags), Etro (for the most amazing men's button-down shirts, worn belted over jeans usually), J. Crew (great cashmere), and Anthropologie (for a good selection of dresses from a variety of labels). And I've bought most of the above items at discount prices; I'm definitely not a full-price shopper.

editor said...

iheartfashion - in your last sentence, you just described my approach to shopping for the past... for a long time.