style (stīl):

if asked “what is style?” i would probably quote the vague justice potter stewart, “i know it when i see it.” i have found that it is in fact a subjective thing. what might be avant garde or original to one person will be deemed a don’t by another.
but getting closer to home, anyone who is consciously choosing their clothes is expressing their own style, but might not necessarily be able to explain their own style any more definitively. a category or name for my taste/style eludes me, but when i’m shopping for something that will match my taste, i know it when i see it.

can you easily define your style?


Carlene said...

No, LOL, but I get the feeling that around here (land of the pastel ankle pant and comfortable crepe-soled slide for mom, and the catcher's mit-brown muffin-top with visible thong AND lower back tatoo for daughter) people probably think I'm some uppity rich Scandinavian hippie on vacation.

Hey! Uppity Rich Scandinavian Hippie from on Vacation. That's my style!

Anonymous said...

Carlene - love it! :) That totally rocks.

Editor - I'm enjoying your blog so much. I love your pictures...great! And your questions are so fun...they really get us all into the spirit of blogging.

My style, I think, as of now, is evolving into nerd-girl chic.

Iheartfashion said...

Carlene, you're description of mom-style is spot-on!
Although in my neighborhood the look is much more overeducated-underpaid-too-cool-to-care, full of thrift-store chic, nerd glasses, and Birkenstocks.
Not sure how I'd describe my style. My husband suggested classic-meets-boho-with a flair for drama.

editor said...

does this count? i was just describing an accessory i have to someone, and i wondered if, since the item was "very me" if i could apply the same to my style:
sweet, girlish, casual-luxe.
i interpret this as meaning that i don't aim for aggressive or powerful styles, i don't ever aim to be sexy (insert my 'snort' right about here), i don't like to be uncomfortable or wear anything i can't run in (i ought to snort again since i only run if... no, i never run), and though i'm casual, i like to be top of the line casual. even though my life and style is casual, i still feel it's something worth getting dressed for. i don't own "bum around" clothes, etc. so i'm weirdly formal about my casual, and i love good quality (design, material, shopping experience).
so we'll see if my new wardrobe matches these actives (sweet, girlish, casual-luxe)