Take a hint

there are always people we encounter where we think, if given the chance, we'd make different sartorial choices for them. but they might be perfectly passionate about their decisions. and i might be clueless about my own fashion foibles. always easier for me to see others somewhat more clearly than myself, but then there are also little signs that i could perhaps pay attention to, pointing out when something is and is not compatible with me, my style, my life, my body, etc.

where is the line between giving it "the old college try" and trying too hard? how do you know when you've crossed it?


Anonymous said...

i don't know if it has to do with age - i hope it does, and that it's something i will outgrow, but i feel like i have to try a lot of stuff still because i'm still figuring out what is "me" (which sounds like it shouldn't be hard to do, so i'm sort of embarrassed that it's something i haven't nailed down yet). i guess as i try, and pass on things, i am not trying too hard - it's if i picked some random trend to follow and held on with both hands, that would be trying too hard. trend for trend's sake, know what i mean?

martha said...

with the popularity of high/low, most people now view single level or single label, head-to-toe, to be trying too hard. though i don't know why. why can't that just be another type of style?