Time's a wastin'

i've spent as much as a year thinking about an item before buying it, and i've spotted something on a hanger that had never crossed my mind but bought it on the spot. neither seems to be a predictor of satisfaction. somehow though, i still feel very smart and responsible when i take time before my purchases (but i more often than not i don't). how much time ought to yield a guaranteed good fit though? there's the adage, "sleep on it," which suggests 24 hours, but that's to prove love, not necessarily compatibility.

how long do you wait before making a purchase?


Iheartfashion said...

I admit I've never thought about an item for very long. I'm almost always an impulse buyer, for better or worse. The more expensive the item, the longer the decision-making process though.

editor said...

iheartfashion - i suppose that's true for me as well. i don't sweat over a random cardigan, etc. maybe i should - that's how i ended up with so many more than 34 pieces to begin with. :)

Carlene said...

Well, I wrote about this in another comment: sometimes I think about it so long, I actually move on. At least a week or two, and up to literally, a couple years (black leather shirt). But I wasn't always like this. It happened when I realized that advertisers/shops/magazines, are all trying to give us a false sense of urgency...don't wait, it might be gone! Someone else will get them, and you won't!

I always figure, if I don't grab "it", something else just as nice, or even better, will come along. It always does. Don't let 'em fool you.

p.s. Caveat: this does not apply to vintage. Something just as nice might never come along, and it'll kill you forever.

editor said...

carlene - have no fear, i have a post coming in a day or 2 about editors. ;)

La Primavera said...

First of all, I have a time limit for shopping; three hours. After that, my judgement starts to vanish.

If I am sure about a piece and it's not too expensive I buy it immediately. But if it is something more expensive, and thus I want to avoid making wrong choices, I usually place it on a reservation and come back a day or two later. And when I come to pick it up, I try it on one final time, to see if I still love it. If I do, it's a deal, but sometimes the magic goes away when you exit the store.

My rule of the thumb is that if you think of the garment after you have gone out of the store, if it is still in your mind the next day, it's a do. But if the moment you let it go it exits your mind, it's a don't.