Want not, waste not

accessories are my achilles’ heel in the effort to keep my style streamlined and, more importantly, true to myself. i don’t wear accessories. i own a watch, a ring, a bangle... i can list the accessories i own on 2 hands, and the ones i actually wear can be inventoried on just one, and you can get the other hand out again to count the number of times a year i probably even wear the pieces that i do. yet i am an inexplicable fan. last night i found myself contemplating a necklace i would never wear. wait, that's not even true. there were 2 very different necklaces on 2 different sites that i was drawn to. in the past, i've contemplated saving up for a ring. what i cannot understand is how i have this appreciation for something that i don't actually wear. it's not a case of not having found the right piece yet. i don't like wearing accessories.

is there anything you are drawn to that you have no practical use for whatsoever? do you pass or indulge?


AllaboutNice said...

I am drawn to dainty high heeled shoes yet I have no hope of wearing them. I have big mis-shaped feet not at all pretty yet I yearn for dainty manolos, choos and loubies. I have indulged a little but these shoes sit on my rack unworn, more ornament than use. I've learned it's best not to indulge/waste my money and to be content to schlep about in Arche shoes, seems like it's impossible to bridge the shoe gap between comfort and style. Other accessories I tend to limit to a few pieces from Hermes, the cost prevents much indulgence and focuses the mind on the right piece. The chunkiness, leather and simple contemporary shapes are very appealing in Hermes so it's easy for me to keep the faith.

Iheartfashion said...

Like allaboutnice I gravitate towards high high shoes that are completely impractical for my problem feet. Along with my collection of heels, I buy gowns for some inexplicable reason. They're just beautiful and I guess I'm hoping I'll have a slew of black tie parties to go to someday and need a collection of gowns. They do come in handy to lend out to friends though.

GenX Theorist said...

I was thinking about jewelry in relation to your post about putting outfits together...

A few years back I went through a distinct jewelry collection phase (probably because I lived on a street that had some amazing jewelry boutiques). But I hardly wear any of it. And actually, the more I get into clothes, the less I like the idea of jewelry other than my mainstay watch and ring. I find that most of my clothing speaks loud and clear and that adding big arty earrings just takes away.

The exception to this is sometimes a flat Tshirt neckline benefits from a strategic necklace.

But yeah, now I have all this stuff and what to do? I don't want to sell it because I love looking at it and knowing it's there.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Midnight....This reminds me of fantasy dressing...my fantasy self is always dressed in an exquisitly tailored blouse, french made pencil skirt and Manolos but oh, the looks I'd get in laid back CA! Reality sucks sometimes :)

I once met a woman who owned two closets entirely full of nothing but blacktie gowns even though she had never even been to such an event. I think I met her at an Overshoppers therapy group type thing....it shocked me into realizing that I do this all the time in my own way. I am finally to the point where I do more passing than purchasing but it has taken YEARS.

Carlene said...

Are you kidding me? Jewelry! I'm so not a jewelry person. I actually buy one pair of earrings each year before the 1st of January and wear the same pair every day for the year. For real. Mostly because I just don't want to have to think about it. I have a mokume gane wedding band in white gold and sterling, a tiffany engagement ring in white gold and a stainless watch. No yellow gold, ever. That's it.

But Ted Muehling! Stephen Dweck! Gabriella Kiss! (I do actually have one pair of her earrings) Oh, Beth Orduna, Ten Thousand Things. Me and Ro. Most of this stuff isn't even my style. I was actually a metals major in college, but I never really gravitated to art jewelry, just this stuff. Ooh, how about some vintage Fred Leighton!?! What was the question again? Oh, right, I mostly pass.

(I actually do have a collection of vintage rhinestone brooches that I used to wear in multiples in the 80s. Somewhere.)

editor said...

allaboutnice - i take exception to your arche comment. my 2 flats are both from arche. :)

genx theorist - i definitely am doing that, wanting the clothing to do all the work.

midnight - if it's only the looks that are stopping you from embracing your fantasy fashions, oh don't let them.

carlene - pippa small, pyrrha, anthony nak, mark davis.... and this stuff is not my style either. or, if i wore jewelry, i guess it would by my style, or my taste at least, but i don't, so why do i look and drool and contemplate? i used to wear earrings (i let the holes close).

Carlene said...

Okay, I hate you for pointing me to those, I'd never heard of them. Those wax seal looking pendants from Pyrrha...!

Not really, I just like looking. Not sure why. I just love the shiny things.

p.s. Oh, I forgot, I just made myself a pendant necklace from a long, beaded necklace that a friend made me many years ago and one half of a pair of 70s articulated fish earrings. I will probably never wear it, but it looks good hanging on a hook in my studio.

editor said...

carlene - pyrrha was a definite challenge for me. i nearly caved. but it would just go into the jewelry box. why am i even tempted? i need to accept passive admiration and not take it to active, where i purchase.
your new necklace - inspiration, there's your answer.