Whistle while you work

buying is definitely a panacea for me and the results are less than stellar when it’s over-prescribed. i’m trying to wean myself off and primarily use shopping as a tool to shape my wardrobe, not as retail therapy. i say “primarily” because shopping provides a very nice high and i see no reason to deny myself that but i have to be more alert when i am doing it for emotional reasons and shop accordingly.

i have also been an active part of the e-shopping revolution. it takes a while to develop an e-eye for how something will fit, feel and even actually look just based on a picture on the screen, but, for better or worse, i’ve pretty well mastered it. with it comes mistakes, for sure, but also a whole new shopping experience that includes insta-delayed gratification. you can click “buy now” and take the item off of your shopping list, which makes you feel productive, but then you also get the week of anticipating the item’s arrival, thinking about it with expectations of use (remember, you haven’t tried it on yet and discovered the ten ways it doesn’t work) and basically this turns the process of shopping into a literal gift-getting experience (there’s a box and everything).

would you forsake the pleasure of shopping, browsing, discovering for an all custom-made wardrobe?


La Primavera said...

One word: yes.

Iheartfashion said...

Not me.
Shopping is fun in itself. I enjoy shopping for other people's clothes almost as much as my own, so I'd never want to give it up. Although a completely made-to-measure wardrobe would be a fantastic luxury!

Carlene said...

If someone knew my style, what fit me, what flattered me, what would work for my lifestyle (and if I could afford it), I would definitely be tempted. Lately the massive amount of merchandise I see in the stores not only overwhelms me, it kind of makes me a little sick.

winternight said...

I would like a mix, I would love custom pants, suits, dress shirts, and skirts. All very classic (in this sense I envy men, they can buy tailored clothing that lasts years). But then for the 'icing' sometimes I need to be inspired a bit.

As for retail therapy - its a big problem for me too. I try to make myself work out when stressed instead, but its so much easier to shop, at least for me. So now I try to not let myself when I'm tired or stressed because I've also noticed that I make bad decisions. Another thing is I take something back if I haven't used it in a month. As for internet shopping, every once in a while I try to order things online only to be disappointed with about 50-75% of the items - swear it off - and then do it again in 4-5 months!

Anonymous said...

Gasp - I love the Tudor-ish (or earlier?) woodblock. Has anyone else besides me been watching The Tudors simply for the fashion?

I don't think I could entirely shirk the shopping experience. The discovery and the ooo-ing over things is just so much fun. I am getting better now though, at knowing when it's "for me" vs. I'm just enjoying looking at something.

But...I've worked so much to figure out the designers that work for me off the rack that now I'm really addicted to following their new creations each season. Suffice to say part of my identity is wrapped up in these creative individuals that somehow speak to me or for me. I'd really miss that anticipation and the decision/purchase process.

I do pepper my wardrobe with some hand-tailored stuff. There's a great designer here who has the most wonderful shop where you can get only bottoms - pants and skirts. It's genius..you choose your material, style, length - wow! Great for that perfect pencil skirt or classic pants.

I also recently discovered a custom hat maker here who has detailed knowledge of working to create the perfect hat for your face/head size etc. I can't wait to do a straw hat with her.... There is a wonderfulness to any custom-tailored item.

I guess I think that custom work should re-introduce itself back into fashion. It's high time. But I can't see ever forsaking shopping either?

Anonymous said...

never. half the fun of getting new clothes is shopping for them