Big bang theory

confidence is sexy - that is the line i was always fed. these are 2 pictures of louise brooks. in one she is average, and in one she is fierce. blame the forehead, or credit the iconic bangs, either way, it doesn't seem to be the attitude as much as the accessories (hair here) that make the woman, in this case. does every single detail have to be just exactly perfectly right for that winning combination - these pictures make me think yes.

which is more important, looking the part or feeling the part?
do you believe you can project beauty, or do you also have to present/package it?


GenX Theorist said...

I'd go with feeling the part and projecting beauty. One of the many things I learned being educated by Drag Queens is it's all about the attitude! :)

GenX Theorist said...

Oh but yeah, the presentation/ package backs up the attitude. Or maybe it makes the attitude happen.

But the package with no attitude or feeling behind it seems empty.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Midnight here :) Great question (Editor, you are just full of them :) I HAVE to remind myself that OPs perception of me is very much affected by my attitude. I guess it's sort of "a smile is the best accessory" sort of thing.

One helpful thought for when I just don't feel fierce/pretty/confident or whatever is to remember that it all comes down to 50% of what I've got (to actually work with) and 50% of what people *think* I've got. I've got influence over both but find that if I haven't put effort into one, I need to put more effort into the other, lol.

editor said...

midnight - i don't have ads, i don't have revenue from this, so when you post a compliment about the blog, or express any particular enjoyment of it, it just makes my day!

as for the question i put out there, i would say that the package tends to influence my attitude, so if i love what i'm wearing, the objects i've chosen, i tend to feel great. nice cycle.