this is related to the last post - there is still something rattling around in my head on that topic (but i promise to let it go for a while after this). i feel a disconnect between what i look like and my taste/style/fashion preferences. if i'm forced to always consider what suits my body or appearance or color, that is letting something dictate my appearance that is not really within my control. i didn't choose my hair, eye, skin color, or body type, yet these things very much effect what looks flattering. i'm definitely guilty of occasionally looking at other people and thinking what tweaks or edits to an ensemble would improve the overall look on a person - but that is entirely based on their outside appearance, how to maximize their assets, etc.

no question, just frustrated.


fashionaddict said...

A belated comment - I'm afraid I haven't got anything enlightening to add, but personally, I feel like I've made peace with my body and all and accepted that some things will look awful on me, even if I love the look.

What works for me is coming up with an approximation of the look that actually suits me.

It doesn't even have to be a very close match for me - for instance, I love the mood of the forties, but it doesn't suit my personality (so put together!) so I settle for subtle references, like the colours, or one just one element, like the blouses or a handbag.

It's probably unnoticeable to anyone but myself, but I know it and I like it (like a little secret), and the end result is very "me" so I think it's a worthy goal.

editor said...

fashionaddict - this is EXACTLY what i'm talking about.
accepting that some things will look awful even if you love the look -- please, how did you reach that level of "acceptance" because THAT is what i need?!?!