Fashionable politics

the aesthete cares very much that appearance should express or convey something, create a feeling, a mood, an atmosphere. for me, when that feeling is other than visual/aesthetic, i no longer see it as fashion. for his spring/summer '07 runway collection, jeremy scott wanted his fashions to present "food for thought." naturally there were realistic pieces in the collection, amid more...bold creations (see photo), but the impetus for his entire presentation was his political stance. he wanted his clothing to present his response to the war, and to his government's current political agenda.

i saw nelson mandela t-shirts give way to slogan tops encouraging release, imprisonment and solidarity for celebrity criminals and divorcees. scott's own interpretation of advocacy apparel was on a higher level in terms of construction and sentiment, but it is still using the body as billboard.

how often does your appearance represent your politics?


Anonymous said...

i don't own a single slogan tee.

Anonymous said...

zero for me as well.
but again...i can't stop laughing at the picture. hehehe

Le Portillon said...

Never. If it's done stylish, like with conservative pearls, then fine. But being a bit of a fashion police, I hate the political activist kind of look.