Good sense

there is a bias against beauty that goes along the lines if you spend so much time worrying over your appearance, you must be neglecting something else, namely the brains. interesting that those are our choices, appearance or intellect. i am guilty of spending a lot of time musing over appearances... anyway, i thought i would throw in the full selection (and i think we can prioritize without canceling out anything entirely).

is there any particular order you would list your priorities for how you appeal to the various senses? that is, how you look, smell, taste, feel and sound?


martha said...

hmmm, it sort of depends. taste and feel have never gotten a lot of my attention. they aren't issues because without effort those 2 seem to be simple enough to establish. socially, how i smell probably ought to be up pretty high. but then for intimate relationships, how i sound (nonsense vs. intelligent) matters, but for superficial relationships, how i look is supreme.

GenX Theorist said...

Smell is really high up there for me - perfumes and such I've always associated as signature of people I love so I work at finding the right combo for myself. Look and sound go together in my mind as part of overall self (my sartorialism, my intellect). Taste and feel...those are important too...but editor you know like you I rail against the idea that it has to be appearance or intellect, not both. I long for Oscar Wilde days when the two (brilliant mind, fabulous fashion) were considered siblings. :)

Candid Cool said...

In some cases, I think how one dresses can reflect one's intelligence.

I guess look and feel are pretty important. If you don't feel comfortable I think you won't look as good and you look forced or the dreaded "trying to hard."

editor said...

genx theorist - i've always admired signature scents.

candid cool - true or not, i'm guilty of giving more fabulous (fashion-wise) people the benefit of the doubt in the brains dept.
re. "feel" i more meant how you feel to others. lol feel as in "touch".

Candid Cool said...

Like wearing comfortable fabrics feel good (as in touch) which can make you feel good (emotionally)