If the hat fits

marc jacobs sent hats down the louis vuitton and march jacobs runway. this following prada's high impact headbands for spring/summer makes it safe to say that headgear is sticking around a bit longer. welcome news to a girl who considers a cloche to be a wardrobe staple. but hats are tricky, and when i was looking for a good summer hat, it occurred to me that a hat is an accessory that really needs to be in harmony with the rest of the look. clashing shoes can be cheeky, an unexpected purse can amuse, but the wrong topper produces little more than crazy-lady stares. even if you don't wear a hat, don't want to wear a hat, will never own a hat, actually identifying one that would work with your aesthetic is tricky business that can help clarify what exactly your aesthetic is.

what hat would suit your style?


martha said...

oh i have no idea...

Anonymous said...

Wow, we must be on the same psychic wavelength, because I was just in a hatshop yesterday buying a summer hat!

And here's the thing - I haven't worn a hat in years.

In high school I went through the requisite "hat phase" where I thought it was awfully cute to wear my velvet mad-hatter topper. In fact, I amassed a pretty big collection of hats and then realized about halfway through college that I never wore them and that, because I have a pretty "big" head, they weren't really that flattering to my sillouette.

Flash foward 15 years to present day.

You know, Portland is an funny city. Aside from counterculture pockets there's not a lot of fashion viewing to be had on the street. But it boasts some really great shopping!? It's an odd thing.

The reason I say this is because one of the genius shops we have here is a real, true Millinery run by an amazing gal from Seattle who trained with the old masters - wow!

So a few weeks ago I dropped by and was totally spellbound by her genius not only in her craft but also in technically explaining what shapes and styles of hat were going to complement my style and my head shape.

I am hooked and now am dreaming of hats. For now I am going with a straw sloper/fedora for the summer with a zoot suit type ribbon. For fall I'm dreaming of a felt wide brim closhe.

OMG I'm sorry, this post is so long but I'm so excited about this... :)

Of course I was totally inspired by the Marc Jacobs et al hat showings as well. I forgot how functional and important hats are. I can't believe they've not been a staple for so long.

So...I've been musing on how to make a hat truly blend with my style and not look like insane-hat-lady too! I thought 2 things yesterday:

1. The color palette has to be in line. For me, I either go overall black or overall heather grey, in general. So my hats should synergize with that.

2. Shape. I cannot tell you the amazing aHa moments having a trained professional hat maker work with me created. She was able to see right away that, with my square head, I really need that hat that comes all the way over my ears and doesn't pop up at all, that has more of a shaped point or square top vs. a round top (which makes my head look like a pencil eraser).

Anyway, such a cool thing and I can't believe you were thinking the same! :)

Candid Cool said...

I have 3 hats, and I like the different variations of the fedora
1.A lt. grey cashmere beanie
2.A grey tweed trilby
3.And a black stetson fedora

Iheartfashion said...

I'm a hat fan as well! I have a (small) collection of vintage hats, Schaparelli and Dior from the 50's, feathered turbans and the like, that I DO sometimes wear. My favorite is a white fur rounded top hat with a green satin ribbon. And I love a classic beret in winter...
I'm looking for a fedora or trilby for fall.