fashion writer/critic lynn yaeger (top) and fashion journalist/host lauren ezersky. these two women focus on fashion professionally, but then also pursue it with lust and love, personally, cultivating unique and wonderful styles that they each own fully.

yaeger is critical and introspective about the industry, the fashions, and the social implications of both when applicable, yet she fully embraces the beauty to be found there and empowers herself with her own choices.

ezersky is tirelessly enthusiastic about everything fashion-related. she is unapologetic about her fixation, and makes it all very accessible - after all, it's just clothes. nothing to be afraid of, strictly to enjoy.

they make no excuses for themselves and never ever should.
both always are adamant about one thing: wear whatever you want to!


Iheartfashion said...

I love Lyn Yaeger. I have to admire someone who so fiercely sticks to their own aesthetic, regardless of the judgment of others. Like Izzy Blow, she's a one-of-a-kind fashion iconoclast!
And as for wearing whatever you want to, I think it definitely gets easier as you get older. I may not look as good, but I'm less self-conscious. Going back to your previous post about attitude, I think that may make up the difference between high school and now (mid-30's) for me.

editor said...

iheartfashion - lynn is a personal hero of mine!
it's so interesting though that she is exposed to and seriously thinks about and considers mainstream fashion, yet she cannot interpret it for herself anyway other way than how she does. it's just "her."

editor said...

oh, and have you ever seen ezersky's show?

Behind the Velvet Ropes

Candid Cool said...

I liked Behind the velvet ropes! I remember The Style network used to show it, back in the good old days when the Style Network was about fashion and not how to clean your house shows. Oh well.