Manners Shmanners

there are some unspoken rules in fashion, social rules, really - don't upstage the bride, don't wear jeans to an interview. they are viewed as fashion rules, but they're really about manners. in some parts, wearing white before memorial day is a faux pas. ridiculous to me, but there it is. for a brief period in the 20s, hemlines dared to go above the knee, and it was shocking and rebellious. without rebels, we might all still be in corsets (doubtful, but you get my point).

do you observe, break or even consider those types of rules?


Anonymous said...

west coaster here, so white is a year-round color and hmmmm, i would say formality is so foreign to me that... no, i don't even consider those types of rules. i know there are rules in europe, i think harrods at least used to say "no shorts, no tank tops" etc. inside. is that still the case? on the one hand, nice to have things "proper" on the other hand, it's so... unamerican.

martha said...

I like to break "fashion" rules, like putting femme with butch, not having a consistent head-to-toe look (this is increasingly becoming the norm though, so I guess i'm not that much of a rebel), but I guess I do consider how my outfit will effect others - being a good guest in my various surroundings (if I visit a museum, attend a wedding, a funeral, etc.).