Pandora's box

i am not someone with a whole lot of rules about what i'll wear, which i always thought was a good thing, but then the result was too much wardrobe chaos, so i've got this blog and have been thinking about what i do and don't want in my closet. bit of an internal conflict going on is that i want to stream-line things but i also know i will always need room to experiment. it's just important to me. i am aiming to experiment with a higher success rate if i respect some ground rules, like fit, color, cut, etc.

when was the last time you tried something new?


martha said...

um, blue eye shadow too recently.

La Primavera said...

I have recreated myself a lot when it comes to fashion during this Spring and Summer. I have made a 360 degree turn on everything.

What I tried the last time was wearing a wide silk ribbon around my waist. Probably not "new" for many, but for me, yes.

Candid Cool said...

While I’m no stranger to floor sweeping frocks, I tend to stick to solid colors, and even then I usually favor a black/white wardrobe.

And I just bought not one but 2 very colorful printed floor sweeping (same dress, different prints) last week.

While it may seem a whim, I contemplated while I was in the dressing room if I already had coordinating pieces in my closet. And I did!

editor said...

la primavera - that sounds lovely.

candid cool (& la primavera) - is it just me, or does summer especially lend itself to a vacation from standard shopping/dresses practices?

fashionaddict said...

I put on a pair of grey tights with a mini yesterday, and it was most amusing, I've never done anything but black before.

That said, I think I try something new almost every season, even if it's a trend unrelated to the season itself. Like last year I started on prints, and this year I'm trying out tulip skirts, and I got my first bubble-hem dress yesterday.

I might find myself eyeing wide-leg jeans next. Even though leaner styles have always suited me better, my theory is that you can always find something "trendy" and make it your own if you try.

Editor, where I live, it's season-less (summer all year round) so I've always wondered whether I would do layering better if I live in a place with winter.

Candid Cool said...

I agree I live in South Florida & it gets so stiflingly hot and humid in the summer, that it’s too hot for jeans, layers, and all black clothing which I tend to favor.