Scene stealer

a lot of fashion spreads are magical borderline ridiculous. they are meant to transport. they show the clothing in inspired ways, but they are aiming for art, for indirect inspiration, not as a direct guide. back-stage photos or behind-the-scenes fashions on un-airbrushed people in candid moments, on the other hand, often bring clothing much closer to home, worn for the sidewalk, for the office, for life.

have you ever tried to recreate an exact outfit you saw on someone else? was it worn by a mortal or a model?


GenX Theorist said...

Part of the reason I have chosen Dries as my #1 designer is because I could easily wear most of his looks head to toe and be happy and feel no need for additional creative touches. Me an' Dries are just like *this*. :)

I get so excited to see his runway looks every season because they're so accessible - he does a sort of realism on the runway that's cool to see.

But, I also really appreciate the more unwearable shows and photo spreads as art/inspiration. It's all fun!

This brings to mind the success of Scott's "Sartorialist" blog. What a great gap he filled by taking such great images of all sorts of people doing the style thing. I get a lot of real-people inspiration there...but not so much in re-creating someone else's look. More in how I think about my own individual style.

Candid Cool said...

I love Wardrobe Remix and recently I did a post there, and i loved the outfit so much, i had to create a mood board for it to try to communicate all the inspiration behind it from pete d (not a fan, drugs are bad) to a random video of kate moss dancing to michael jackson to hedi slimane.

I don't think I could ever make an exact replica (sometimes i wish i could) but my inspiration comes from models, singers, actors, or random street style "mortals."

side note, i wish i could find an exact replica of mary kate's slouchy miu miu clutch though. if anyone finds one, please let me know!

Stylefinder (Editor) said...

Not an exact replica, but I definitely make a conscious attempt to use others for inspiration - to try new combinations of things I already have...

Great blog, BTW - I've added you into my links!