A star is (re)born

have you ever set something aside, an unpopular or under-used item, only to rediscover it and find a new way to appreciate it? unlike other weeded items, something gives you pause and you keep it, recognizing that you have no use for it. and then it's back in favor.

what is the catalyst for embracing the once-rejected? did you change? did the styles/influences change? your needs? or do you find a new way to see/use the item?


theovereducatedvalet said...

The only time this happens to me is when the item in question is a classic that previously didn't fit with my lifestyle or work with the rest of my wardrobe. Maybe that's because if it's not a classic and I haven't been wearing it, I'm pretty quick to get rid of it (more space for new treats!), so the only unworn items that stay in circulation long enough to be revived are classics. For example, I have a gorgeous silk scarf that I've just rediscovered and plan to wear on my next dinner date.

Anonymous said...

sometimes if i buy something new, i realize there is a new use for the piece i was going to discard. i wish i separated stuff more often actually. does anyone know what is the deadline? how long should a thing be set aside for until it's a good time to really, safely let it go???