Trying to throw your arms around the world

with fast fashion out there reproducing every imaginable trend at every possible price point, it’s easy to feel like a newly discovered sleeve, collar, hemline, print, etc. is not very new at all. there is no time to be romanced by a new silhouette, no time to discover it. it is simultaneously on the runway, on the celebs, on the shelves and online before it really has a chance to creep into your imagination. there is barely an introduction and you’re on to the quick conclusion, love it or leave it. it’ll be deemed done, over, passé within a year or 2, most likely, so there is no time to hemm and haw about it.

but i’m not writing today to lament our inability to enjoy the newness of something. what i’m thinking is, new isn’t even new in the first place, half the time. exhibit A see photos: 1. a gown, as they used to be called, by adrian worn in “letty lynton” (1932), 2. a dress on the roberto cavalli fall ’05 runway.

yet despite this, despite myself, i get totally excited about clothing, and want to be stimulated by it and excited about it all the time (i'm part of the problem, not the solution i think). but i do wonder, if something is great the first time out, why doesn’t it stay in stores and continue to sell. why doesn’t retail work that way? it’s a chicken and the egg question i think. do customers demand a rotation of looks being offered (which is sort of an illusion anyway), or does business rely on a buying frenzy twice a year?

what keeps your attention? what keeps you attracted to the seemingly revolving door that is fashion? do you prefer it this way?


Anonymous said...

i've been thinking about this all day, couldn't respond right away.
the best i can come up with is this - it's not actually that i want or need fashion to change necessarily. i change. that is what changes my wants and desires and needs. that's what changes my perspective and my style and my eye. so i approach whatever they're selling differently. i'm not sure it matters that they offer variety to me, but i guess it keeps it a little extra interesting.

martha said...

i'm just speechless from the pictures

Ma lei! said...

Its a good idea Cavalli had...but I prefer the original!