Under the influence

i never set out to be trendy. i’m not hostile to trends, but if clothes were organized and clearly marked “trendy” and ... “not trendy,” i would automatically buy from the second pile. obviously when the stores are flooded with a particular look or detail, it’s hard for it to not get my attention though.

how do you know if the item you like is something you independently like, or if you’re being swayed by a million and one different influences to like it?


Christine said...

this is a hard one! I definitely try to stay in that "second pile" as well. I really have started trying to remove myself from all influences when I shop, and make it all about me, my needs, quality, and fit. That should be all that matters. I definitely used to be in the "trendy trap" where I would see something on a celebrity and get so excited that I could recreate the look, so I'd do it with bad quality, ill-fitting clothes.

Oh, how much money I've wasted while being untrue to my personal style! But it's only getting better.

Anonymous said...

I know something is trendy when i start seeing 100 of similiar items in just one magazine.
i dont' mind trendy stuff, but i pick out MY taste from the trendy pile, not the most trendy item in the pile. something that I am comfortable with, physically and mentally, and is still Me.

Candid Cool said...

I shop for my taste. I'm actually somewhat happy when something I like comes in trend: like ankle boots in the fall, it means I can get a new pair because I've trashed my other pair from last year.

But if a "trend" suits me then I pick it up, but if it doesn't I don't do it. Leggings? No. Pastel skinny jeans. No. Really high heels. YES!!!

I also don't mind coveting something I see on a celebrity but only if I could see myself sharing a closet with them.

So basically if I see those "trendy" LA girls "stars" wearing something, I have no inclination to buy it.

But man if I had a topshop, that kate moss collection would be mine! (The exchange rate at Barnies is ridiculous!)