i’m taking a trip later this week (i’ll be gone for 2 weeks, but will hopefully update the blog nearly daily. more on that later). packing is the chore that lies ahead. for me, packing is an exercise in distillation. i choose my most versatile but also my favorite items, as they suit the weather and location of my destination. for one thing, it just makes me feel more comfortable wherever i am if i continue to be my regular self, dress like my regular self. also, it is the equivalent of going grocery shopping on a full stomach - i'm less distracted to shop if i'm perfectly content with what i've brought. if my choices are too pared down, then i start to crave, and look, and buy.

when you travel, do you pack your special favorites, your basics or essential travel gear? do you shop for clothes while you're traveling?


Carlene said...

Packing is one of the things I really enjoy about traveling. I make lists for weeks, paring it down as low as I can get, then I add one new piece, for fun. And yes, special favorites, which are also basics AND essential travel gear. And I shop while I'm traveling, but almost never buy.

Where are you going?

Iheartfashion said...

I always pack my special favorites (and don't check luggage! don't want to lose them), and tend to dress up more when I travel than I do at home. Maybe it's my vanity in knowing that I'll be appearing in vacation photos that makes me want to look my best.
I also pack light, very light, and plan to buy clothes to supplement my wardrobe. For me, shopping is a big part of the fun of travelling. Of course it depends on the destination...consciously or not, I tend to choose vacation spots that also have great shops.

editor said...

great minds think alike ladies. :)
i definitely put full effort into my traveling wardrobe, but then that always leaves me wondering why i normally bother with whatever i choose to leave behind.
i never thought of the pictures though, iheartfashion. probably because i'm always the one taking them! but i do consider that i am representing an alternative to the very dated (i hope) stereotype of a US tourist.
and i'm also drawn to places where my interest in shopping, sitting at cafes, strolling the streets, can be well-accommodated. :)
destination to be revealed in thursday's post.