Weather or not

if i could, i would wear jeans all year round. i would at least like to have them as a daily option. and unfortunately my love for wool and sweaters does not drop when the mercury rises. but i'm a good sport and embrace the seasonal sartorial challenges, convincing myself that it's an opportunity for diversity, blah blah blah. and of course from a self-preservationist perspective, i want to feel comfortable, dressing weather-appropriate. so it galls me when i'm inching along in 90+ heat, trying to hide in the fast disappearing sliver of shade the buildings provide, drenched in sweat despite prudently wearing a light cotton sundress and little else, and someone walks past in jeans. mind you, they're passing me, and not laid out on a stretcher as would i be, suffering from heat stroke. the other day i even saw someone in jeans and a cardigan. i stood and stared in shock...and envy. i never admire the nuts who wear thongs in the winter, when it's 20 degrees, though i suppose they suffer from a reverse season preference, and, unlike me, refuse to cave to the elements.

do you let the weather dictate your choices?


is there a secret trick to wearing jeans in the summer without passing out? because i would really love to know this one


Iheartfashion said...

I was in Boston yesterday where is was 90 degrees and was similarly impressed at a group of well-dressed (Italian?) tourists wearing jeans and button-downs and cardigan sweaters! They looked perfectly comfortable on the subway, while I was dying in shorts and a tee. So sorry, I don't have the answer to the jeans question, wish I did!

Candid Cool said...

Right now I have to go by the weather. I will wear jeans if I'm wearing something really loose on top.

But at the same time I'm so used to the weather that I can sort of get away with it without being on a stretcher.

fashionaddict said...

Just curious about this - where do you live? Because here in Singapore, it's not hot in terms of temperature but the humidity is murder (makes you VERY sticky and damp). But I have no issue with wearing denim every day.

The idea is to have a mix of denim - thin ones for warm days, heavy ones for chilly days. Thin denim doesn't cling so much when you perspire and seem to "swell" into your clothes. But thin jeans should have some stretch or they get out of shape fast.

Wool is mad for hot days, but instead of a sweater, I buy knit tanks, short sleeved cardigans, or if you like, wear a light floaty top and thrown on a long scarf for effect.

Theese are my layering tricks for living in an impossible to layer climate (I have low tolerance for heat, for someone born into such weather, haha).

Anonymous said...

how about jean goucho pants or a jean skirt ? (not necessarily mini though)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you mentioned the people who wear thongs in winter. I have always thought risking frostbite on the toes was being a bit stubborn in 20 degree weather. But I can somewhat understand it better now that you mention the other side of the equator re wearing jeans in 90+ degree weather.

Weather often dictates my choices because I need to feel comfortable, but often I try to adapt summer clothes into fall and winter by adding tights and cardigan and then I feel deliciously sinful in that I have gotten away with a seasonal fashion transformation in the wardrobe extention.

Sometimes though, I feel like rebellling against the rain in my home climate and I will deliberately walk out in a lighter skirt than I should by March as if daring the universe to just "get on with it" already and change the weather because I am sick of my sweaters. Nature just laughs and I get soaked.

The Happy Hippie said...

I wear jeans year round, and it does get pretty hot 'round these parts. I just make sure to wear them with a very cool, loose-fitting top and sandals. The key is to keep your feet and head cool, they kinda control the rest of your temperature.

editor said...

iheartfashion - in the name of research, next time you see such a group, do me a favor and ask them their secret. ;)

fashionaddict - i'm drooling at the very mention of denim and cardigans in the summer. thanks for the tips - light denim, i'll have to do research.

happyhippie - more good points. head and toes, keep 'em cool. got it!

where i am, it gets hot and humid, a lose/lose situation for me. but i desperately desperately want to wear what i want to wear, weather be damned. taking things summer to fall is easy, as anonymous said, with tights and a cardigan, but the other direction, the other direction is hard.