"You're out!"

whether you do it annually, weekly or as spontaneous sorting, weeding is pretty inevitable. i find it's harder to get rid of a beloved, well-used item than it is a new or nearly new but unfavored piece of clothing. rarely do i miss or regret a rejected piece (use it or lose it, as they say).

what is your criteria for ejecting an item of clothing out of the closet?


Anonymous said...

my criteria for eliminating a piece is if the season for that specific article has past or it has been 6-8 months and I have not worn it once. Then out it goes. However, for Portland- where I live, its rather casual out here so the exception is if its a dress or outfit for a more formal event and there was just no occassion to wear it to yet.

This year brings a new dilema though, because after my baby arrives I might be a new size, and there is no way to know if I will return to my old size and so I might not want do a seasonal purge based on what I actually wear because of my changing body type. I might cling to hope that I go back my original size and thus cling to clothing of that past life for awhile.........

GenX Theorist said...

I've got my next weeding scheduled for end of August...I find that's a good time because I can decide if there are things that I've worn and trashed all summer that can go away and also before fall sets in I can get rid of sweaters and coldwear items I know I won't wear again.

I'm pretty sparse, but even so there always seem to be things that I realize I've held onto and have not worn for over a year. Especially stuff that's folded in drawers where I forget about it.

I think the weeding process is also a very important part of the personal style process. With each piece I get rid of I ask myself, "Why did this appeal to me on the rack and why did I buy it?" Then I try to create a little red flag in my mind for that reason. Another great way to edit the buying experience.

laura emily said...

If I haven't worn it for ages and am unlikely to wear it. And if it is damaged beyond repair.

Candid Cool said...

If I really haven't worn it in a while.

It's not flattering on me anymore.

If it's uncomfortable or I'm always adjusting it.