i rarely ask for style advice or opinions from friends - though when i do, i do actually want it, even if it's just for a different perspective (i do not always follow the advice, is what i'm saying). i next to never give advice to friends but family is fair game, and they are always very sweet about it, in fact often even appreciative.

have you ever given or received fashion first aid? ever intervened or gotten advice (solicited or unwelcome)?

what was the result?

(ps sorry for the new post. blame the jet lag. will still be posting my pics in the travel thread below until i return.)


V*Kstro said...

It's what I do for a leaving; manager for DOLCE & GABBANA. As long as you are confident and truthful about what you advice to wear, it does not matter. BUT, be weary to those who you give advice to. A lot of people hate to admit they don't have a sense of style. So i try not to project that i'm a-know-it-all (which i'm not). You really have to see what the person is wearing and try to get an idea what they are going for... show or mention some key pieces, when you see their reactions, then is where the art begins, you start painting around the piece they like... As for me asking personal advice... when i do ask for it, i'm not looking for what they say, it's more of a reaction... you can tell when words are not sincere... (and this is the challenge)...YOU more than anyone have to be comfortable, this is why the mirror is my best stylists!

HipKid said...

I am 5'4" and I have always love long skirts, which is probably not the best choice for me. But I love how they look. Quite a few years ago I went through this long skirt phase and someone I knew through work said that I should not wear long skirts. I still wear long skirts, but not as often.

I am selective about unsolicited advice, but still appreciate comments.


Anonymous said...

HipKid, I love long skirts too! A while back I deliberated doing away with some awesome stitch-down pleat skirts that hit an inch above the ankle bone. I hardly ever wear them (Remember that convo on the 34 pieces blog, Editor?) so I thought I should just give it up and let them go.

I read somewhere that if you really LOVE something, it's not clutter and I'm so glad I kept them b/c I bought some ankle boots that are going to go perfectly with the skirts. I'm not going to see that look all over town but I'm going to wear the heck out of the look and it will be ALL MINE :)

If you lOVE your skirts, why not rock them? Be yourself, maybe the person who told you that was stuck in a rut of fashion "rules" that you don't feel constrained by. Freedom to wear what you want feels good...do your thing and enjoy! (Midnight)

V*Kstro said...


Iheartfashion said...

I have had friends ask for fashion advice, and love to peruse someone else's closet and make suggestions. I recently got to help outfit a woman for an opera tour of Italy.
As for receiving advice, how seriously I take it depends on how the person giving it looks. A friend I really like, but who has completely different ideas about style, recently told me my hair looked great. I immediately decided to cut it.

editor said...

midnight - love that attitude

iheartfashion - you made me lol

Carlene said...

The closest I'll come to fashion rescue is putting someone's neck tag back in for them. No one asks me for advice, either, or gives me any, come to think of it (except my Mom, and I don't listen to her, she has an agenda) and that's fine with me.

editor said...

carlene - you have to tell me, would you ever tuck in a stranger's tag? would you want someone to let you know if yours was hanging out? i can never decide if i should say anything... or if a top is inside out (i've seen that before, and it wasn't intentional).

Carlene said...

I totally tuck in stranger's tags. I don't think I could tell someone their top was inside out, though...too humiliating (for them).

I wouldn't mind if someone tucked in my tag, I'm sure people have done it for me before.