Bruges, antwerp and beyond

went to bruges for a day. very pretty.

left antwerp (the high-tops went with me - they are from an italian company: ash. "vincent/virgin" from the ventury collection.)
bye antwerp!

now we're in...


Anonymous said...

Editor- how pretty! I love the last night photo. Bruges is where I was inspired by all those flemish paintings with the rich blues and reds. Also, the beer and fondue...yum!

Looks like such a lovely trip.

Iheartfashion said...

I loved Bruges too, even though I spent just a couple of days there back in 1990. Very pretty!
Have you done any shopping yet?

editor said...

iheartfashion - i bought the hig-tops, and today a dress... from apc. i hunted down a store that carries a designer i like very much, isabel marant, but who isn't readily available in the states. naturally the store that carries isabel marant also carries apc, so what could i do. i tried on an i. marant dress and while it was so pretty, and the sales woman preferred it on me, the apc dress was pretty and low maintenance and versatile and apc is just so damn easy - i mean i walk into their store and feel like i could just take every other item and be done for the season (when mixed with the individual pieces i already love and adore, i mean). i can't think of another store where i can go in and the entire general aesthetic appeals so strongly (i should clarify, any other store that i would enter anticipating doing some shopping, a place that is well in my $$ range). i think, though, the reason the whole simplicity thing appeals to me is because my personal inclination is to flouf up an outfit, to clutter it, deconstruct it and add it back up to something less coherent, despite my wish for something simple. so apc is a physical, actual place where i can buy something to balance my own style.
um... that was wordy, and probably didn't make a whole lot of sense - my daughter is asking me a whole lot of questions and incredibly, i still seem to have jet lag.

Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful pictures!!!
I am glad you found apc! what a wonderful treat!