DIY - bracelet

ingredients: one silk pocket square, one smooth plastic bangle.
(i'm wearing this in the most recent post on my wardrobe blog - different pocket square though.)

anyone else with a 4 minute diy that requires no sewing, pinning, cutting, gluing, etc.?


Candid Cool said...

Enviable scarf too

landis said...

ok. now i want to meet you.

editor said...

^^and yet i cannot get a single person to share a damn diy.
your post on thesartorialist tickled me silly today... "and then there's maude" schmatta"

classic1908 said...

Oh, my word. I like this DIY. I have a pink and green Hermes Bolduc pocket square, and I think I'll try it.

editor said...

let me know how it turns out. i have 2 pochettes, both very different, but i like them equally wrapped around the bracelet.