From here to eternity

i'm always hoping that i have a lot to look forward to, style-wise, with age. on occasion, i've passed on items feeling almost like they're too good for me right now, and i will wait to enjoy them - like dessert. hope i still want them when i imagine now that i will be ready. if not, of course there will be something new to take its place. with the exception of a few career-imposed wardrobes, i feel like i've been on a pretty consistent course (and sometimes that frustrates me, but i guess it's comforting too).

20 years ago (or, 10, for those under 20), could you have accurately predicted what your style would become (what it is today)? do you think you could predict your style 20 years from now?
if your style has had major jumps, do you recall any particular catalysts for these changes?


Anonymous said...

For me, I could not have accurately predicted my style ten years back,because I was not yet completely in tune with myself. Also career had a major influence on my choice in purchasing pieces of clothing.

For some of us who are really lucky, we end up doing what we love and so there is never a closet divide in day/work self and evening/weekend self, and there is never a competition between the two for wardrobe commitment.

But for many of us, we work at job that we "end up in", but its not who we really are, and so the clothing just becomes a uniform or a second skin to be peeled off at the end of the day (reaching back to a previous post).

The glorious epiphany or catalyst to the wardrobe as a true extention of ourselves (and maybe a style that we can predict) can happen when we take a break from that job and reassess where we want to go in life and career and try to make them match. That happened to me, and so now i know where i am going so I think ican now predict my wardrobe several years out.
signed, me.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I laughed and laughed my head off at your title!!! You really could have no idea how perfect the title and topic are for Today. Thank you, Editor!!

I had an odd experience several years ago while doing a college student stint. For some reason, I looked at my clothes and realized that they were just a much (!) more expensive version of the EXACT same items I wore to college 20 years prior.

Complete jolt! I got a kick out of it at the same time, still do actually :) I suppose I see it as more comforting than frustrating b/c it's tweaking the details rather than having a wildly fluctuating wardrobe that defines enduring personal style (to me anyway)

I wonder what I'll wear 20 years from now but can't imagine it will be all that much different, it'll just be even more expensive, lol.


Carlene said...

Somewhere in the vaults are a pair of oxblood perforated maryjane flats circa 1978. My mom took me to the coolest boutique on the north side of Chicago called Sage (long, long gone) and I got them to wear at college. I remember wearing them with a mitered knee-length burgundy/black/grey sort of handwoven looking vintage (60s?) skirt, black turtleneck and grey tights. And a beret, and I'm not kidding. And a great big portfolio, for I was an art major (of course).

If I could find those shoes, I'd wear them tonight (the skirt, sadly, is also long gone, but I'd wear the whole outfit if I had it). I don't know if I could have predicted that my style wouldn't really change much at all, but it really kind of hasn't. Oh, my freshman year I also wore these cloth huarache sort of shoes from Woolworths, that all the old ladies wore, but I wore them with gray pinstripe jeans. See what I mean?

Oh, you know what, I can think of a couple times that my style did change, temporarily, between then and now, and it was always for a guy, and I always felt like I was playing dress up, which essentially I was.

GenX Theorist said...

Yet again I'm wishing we were all blogging a few years back when I wrote my Fashion and Generation X thesis. Midnight - me too - same black boots, same muted palette, same sack dresses or Great Kate inspired menswear getups - only before they were from Thriftville and now they're from Marios. :)

I very much feel my identity rooted in my past and my future. If I could have my wardrobe from when I was a kid in Europe in the 70s I'd take it in a heartbeat (bigger sizes of course). Awesome red trench coat; little house on the prairie dresses, turtlenecks and tights.

No matter what decade...I always go for the quality of fabric and some sort of luxuriating sense. In the 80s I loved Benetton Sweaters and great cotton tube dresses and then I got into punk looks/ Molly Ringwaldish.

Gosh, I've really loved every stage...the 90s were just so much fun being a young adult, going to shows, wearing boots and overalls ready for action.

All this backstory still informs my look today and it will continue to do so in the future. Like you Editor, I look forward to things I abstain from now (read, PRADA) but the reason I'm even considering it is because it's in line with my life-aesthetic.

Iheartfashion said...

My style has changed a great deal in 20 years. I dressed mostly in costumes in high school, and even college (really!) I once wore a lion suit complete with mane and tail for 3 days. In my defense, I was following the Dead at the time.
Now as a mother of two, I try to dress with flair, and a touch of eccentricity, but not enough to completely embarrass my kids.

Carlene said...

iheartfashion, you rock!


May I borrow your phrase "In my defense, I was following the Dead at the time"? because I think it might be useful in any number of instances.

editor said...

iheartfashion, carlene's right, you do rock.

Iheartfashion said...

Carlene, that phrase HAS come in handy. In fact it's how I explain everything that happened from age 17 to 24...I wish I had an excuse for the years since then :)

fashionaddict said...

I got into style late I'm afraid, I spent most of my teen years in school uniforms and running gear because I was so involved in school activities that there didn't seem to be any point in buying clothes I couldn't wear in school or at practice.

And when I did start shopping, it was nothing spectacular - jeans and t-shirts were my staples, are my staples and I suspect, will be my staples well into my 90s.

I like the idea of consistency, and I suspect consistency in style probably means your identity hasn't changed very much either. which means we're all confident folks right?

I do hope that when I get older, I'll be confident enough to pull off something else apart from my uniform of jeans and you-know-what. But then maybe it's a sign of confidence that I continue to sport jeans and T-shirts instead of something more dignified and stately as expected of my age?

(I'm rambling, I should stop.)

Candid Cool said...

While in college, I went through a phase where I wanted ½ my closet to be black, just so I could look put together on a day to day basis.

Then a MAJOR catalyst was seeing a Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane ad on the back of a magazine (Spring 2005). And well, it’s been a MASSIVE influence on my style ever since.

However, I would say the same things inspire me, from when I was a kid until now, from the Beatles to Hitchcock to Kimonos, with always a love for menswear.

I could possibly stay on the same style path, I figured out what suits my body type, and I’m tending to stay with it. Unless my body type changes, who knows…