Hang time

with every passing birthday, i can take most of the physical changes and the ever-illuminated cake, but what really gets me is this whole maturity thing. if it only meant wrinkles and white hairs, that would be one thing, but what is really freaking me out is my new-found patience. what is that all about? i used to wear new items straight out of the store (after i paid for them - this is not a confessional post about a shoplifting habit). i used to wear fancy shoes to the movies, no greater occasion required. now i still retain enough independent taste to wear whatever i want, occasion be-darned, but i do stop to enjoy the newness, which i never used to.

on my recent trip i made a few purchases, and instead of enjoying them on the spot and practically doubling my travel wardrobe, i kept them safely wrapped in their tissue paper and (i'll admit this even though i don't technically have to) original shopping bags, not snipping the tags until i delivered them home to my closet, as if the shopping excursion were a mere typical weekend and not a transatlantic flight. i wanted to enjoy them at home, calmly, and see how they fit (literally and stylistically) into my closet. i wanted to think of them as part of my larger wardrobe and not as mere acquisitions to be consumed/enjoyed immediately. spooky.

how long do you wait to snip the tag and make it official?
do you have any post-purchase rituals?


Carlene said...

Again, like the research thing below, I really admire this sort of slow, thoughtful way of shopping, and extending the experience. I don't have any sort of ritual, but I may adopt yours. Is it a sign of maturity, or just being more mindful? Is being more mindful a sign of maturity? I hope so.

(also, is it your birthday?)

So, anyway, this post also reminded me of something I saw yesterday; a pair of white flip flops sitting in an empty parking space outside Shoe Carnival. I'm guessing she just couldn't wait to wear her new shoes.

Iheartfashion said...

Now, I don't clip the tags until I actually wear an item out the door. In the past I'd rip the tags off, throw away the receipt and often never wear the thing. Thank God for eBay!
I never wear something immediately after buying it either. I like to bring it home, try it out with a bunch of different looks from my closet, decide how to style it. It usually involves a mini fashion show for my husband, who dutifully gives his opinion.

editor said...

carlene - lol about the flipflops. you must be right.
no, no birthday (too bad for me, i love birthday gifts and birthday cake and birthday cards and anything else that has to do with getting stuff and being special), just the everyday aging that happens in-between the birthdays. ;)
it can 100% be attributed to aging and maturing and growing mindful. i never was like this before. what's next? hope i don't lose my rebelliousness too.

iheartfashion - that sounds even more sensible than me! LOL i still clip the tags the second i get home.

Christine said...

i don't know why but i have trouble clipping the tags! my new clothes usually sit in the closet for a couple weeks until i have an event "worthy" enough to wear them. i need to get over this and start enjoying my clothes more...i should wear "special" clothes more often, i know i'd feel better about how i look!

Candid Cool said...

I think if I bought something on a trip I suppose I would want to wait until I returned home, I esp. liked your reasons for doing so. Unwrapping the tissue when you get home, it's like a present to yourself...

But any other "regular" purchase, I like to wear it right away, otherwise I feel I shouldn't have bought it in the first place. (It's what stopped me from buying the perfect leather jacket in 98 degree S.Fl. weather)

GenX Theorist said...

Oh I totally unpack and tag-snip right away and get that piece up in the closet so it can join it's new friends!

Allure said...

I can wait a lot (I am super calm). I bought a Phillip Lim skirt about 2 months ago, and it still have the tags. I haven't found the occasion to wear it yet. But I styled a few outfits with it.

dreamecho said...

i like to take my time to admire it, slowly reveling in the visual (as well as tactile and auditory!) pleasure of my new acquisition. tags stay on for months at a time as i become deeply acquainted with my new companion.

although i can be quick to make acquaintances, i am slow to make good friends. the interaction between me and the clothes i ultimately wear out is often deeply intimate and expressive, so that is why i take my time to get to know my clothes before marching out into the real world with them.