I can't wait to return

we didn't have anywhere near enough time. my list of things i didn't get to see is longer than the list of things i did, but this was my first visit and i'm going to come back.

i did not realize that it would be so green. in addition to the enormous vondelpark, the canals themselves are tree-lined.

side note: i love the proportions of the cars they drive here - so compact. and then there are these service vehicles around that are half the size of the regular cars.

at the end of most trips, i am itching to return home, but not this time. something was different. i'm going to give it some more thought, but now i have to catch a plane. some how i managed to close my bags, even with a few extra treats packed inside - i'll post those in the coming weeks on my ever-growing perfectly small wardrobe.
thank you all for keeping me company on this trip!

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