Daytripping (and stumbling)

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brussels today. large fantastic buildings in one incredible square presented to artificial effect (by this i mean that it felt like a disneyland version of europe since it is not a living area, with locals passing through, but instead a tourist destination) with bad restaurants in every inch of space catering to hoards of tourists.

veins of alleys clogged with more tourists in every direction.

so happy to be back here in antwerp (original train station inside).

(ps photo problem was, predictably, my own fault, but i will stick with this new plan of individual updates)


Candid Cool said...

whoa that's a lot of people

editor said...

honestly, it was totally overwhelming. now brussels is, i am sure, a wonderful city, with many more positive and interesting places, but unfortunately we hopped off the train, went down the hill to the old part, and the famous Grand Place, and it was a big mistake, big one, for me anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh Editor..I hope you are still having a wonderful time despite the hoards...The photos are gorgeous! I spent yesterday with friends from Friesland and was quite suprised to hear them describe life in Europe as "hectic" so maybe it's just the way it is? (Midnight)

editor said...

it was a tourist-thing. we specifically went to this high-traffic tourist spot and that's what we get for it. serves us right.
in general, i don't feel that antwerp is at all hectic... but then again, i'm not rushing to a grocery store after work, etc. i have a leisurely-ish pace to my day.