1. belt or no belt?
2. big bag, small bag, or pockets?
3. jewelry, bold or subtle?
4. hairstyle or hair cut?
5. coordinated or contrasts?
6. you gave up on _____, but still admire it on others.
7. _____ is the one thing most women don't bother with, but should.
8. the hardest thing for a woman to carry off is _____.
9. if you had to choose: fragrance or makeup?


editor said...

1. no belt (sometimes a scarf/obi)
2. smallish bag - not a clutch, but in proportion to my body.
3. bold
4. hair cut, but i always clip pictures of hairstyles, and think "some day"
5. contrasts but actually trying to develop ability to coordinate
6. earrings
7. ... hmmm...posture
8. have to think about this one
9. fragrance

Iheartfashion said...

Oooh good, another poll!
1. wide belt
2. big bag, but not ridiculously large
3. definitely bold jewelry
4. haircut; I don't think I've ever had a "hair style"
5. contrasts, not too matchy-matchy
6. puff sleeves and skinny jeans
7. taking a fashion risk
8. fashionable, but not fashion victim
9. makeup!

anais said...

1. wide vintage belt; i have one that works with nearly everything in my closet!
2. big bag, because i am mobile throughout the day and need to carry a lot of things for all my lives...
3. subtle.
4. hair cut
5. contrasts
6. dresses with no waist
7. manners, sad to say...nothing detracts from a fashionable person than an unfashionable character for me...i was raised to have grace in my bearing as well as my clothes.
8. quirky not crazy
9. fragrance; i almost never wear makeup

Les Dentes de Bonheur said...

1. no belt, except with big flowy shirts
2. big bag!
3. depends on the outfit. subtle for bold outfits, bold for dressing up
4. absolutely hairstyle
5. a mixture, make it your own
6. you gave up on tubetops, but still admire it on others.
7. etiquette is the one thing most women don't bother with, but should.
8. the hardest thing for a woman to carry off is sultry not sluty.
9. make-up, but only if without fragrance I don't smell bad

GenX Theorist said...

Whee - these are fun! :)

1. Belt if there are beltloops in sight or a dress that needs a waist

2. Bag size is probably my biggest "identity struggle" fashionwise. I'm finding myself more drawn to streamlined clutches this season.

3. Subtle if any, jewelry. Or one big necklace.

4. Cut, definitely. I like that shaggy fashionista look.

5. Contrasts.

6. Low rise slacks. I just consigned a beautiful pair of chloe trousers that will look awesome on a gal my size who has a more narrow frame.

7. I so agree with everyone else here - Manners! Yesterday at lunch was sitting next to a gal who punctuated every sentence with st or fk and while I'm not immune to choice words when approriate - the effect was so unattractive. A gentle reminder to us all - self-respect = class.

8. Being an INTJ (translation, opinionated unapologetic debater.) I know, I'm one of them. :)

9. fragrance

editor said...

wow, these responses were sooo interesting.
les dents, "sultry not sluty" was a brilliant point! (i don't think i could do either :p)

the haircut vs. style question was inspired by my hairdresser. he is always trying to teach me pinning tricks, etc. to create styles and of course i just want a wash-and-wear look.

Anonymous said...

1. no belt
2. big bag- because i have alot of stuff now that i have a kid but it has to be big enough for my stuff which is now VERY streamlined
3. both, it really depends on the outfit. i am a necklace fiend (but i will not buy it if i can make it myself)
4. hair cut
5. contrasts because i gravitate to that naturally. i like wearing contrasting patterns. even if it proves that i am often fashion impaired, i can say i did it on purpose. Ha ! lol
6. earings too
7. cracked dry grey heels in the summertime with open shoes. its terrible
8. a men's tie
9. makeup (i hate my undereye circles and occassional palor- cant leave the house happily without some makeup)
signed: me

dorothy said...

hello! i just came upon this blog and find it absolutely delightful. great job! : )

1. wide belt cinched slightly higher than the natural waist line

2. big bag

3. subtle jewelry (i wear the same pieces everyday - a simple silver tiffany's chain, two silver rings, a watch, and diamond studs)

4. hair cut

5. i've come to find that some contrast is what creates a truly coordinated look

6. baby doll dresses (i sadly don't have the legs for it)

7. sleep (we prob all need more of it)

8. clogs

9. makeup

editor said...

dorothy - thrilled to have you here.
honestly, thrilled to have everyone here. :)
glad people enjoy my hobby!
i can't believe how great the answers are, and i can't quite explain it, but some how they're all giving me things to reflect on for myself.

Carlene said...

1. no belt

2. big tote with small bag inside

3. subtle jewelry (or one big ring; that's still kind of subtle in my world)

4. hair cut, but I use a wooden hairstick to put it up about 50% of the time; is that a style?

5. coordinated (by me) in dirt tones

6. sack dresses & smocky tops
7. sunscreen? (I don't really know)

8. A head-to-toe look from her youth

9. fragrance, no question

Candid Cool said...

1. belt
2. big bag
3. bold necklaces, subtle earrings
4. cut
5. coordinated
6. tan/sand colored trench coats
7. ???
8. ???
9. fragrance

Candid Cool said...

#7, after reading some of the other responses I am going to have to side with many & say manners/self respect.

Marianne said...

1. no belt
2. small bag
3. subtle
4. hair cut
5. contrasts
6. white jeans
7. I am going to go with manners also, I think it is something men and women no longer bother with but really should
8. Wearing one designer head to toe.
9. Fragrance

First time posting but I really love your blog and read it everyday. You always give me something interesting to think about.