Red light, green light

too many people wearing anything, and really even too many of something in the store, like a heaping table of sweaters...these things stop me or reduce my lust/desire for an item somewhat. an unappealing celebrity wearing something i like does not in and of itself stop me from appreciating something, however that often leads to too many people (blindly) wearing the item, so that bumps it back to the first category and i lose my interest.
(i will add to this post later tonight when i have more time to think)

what things stop you in your tracks?
what things increase your interest?


Anonymous said...

Now that I religiously track my favorite designers I've gotten onto 'fashion schedule' - looking at the collections months before they hit stores - so a lot of times by the time I go see something on the rack I've already been musing over a picture of it and am stopped in my tracks by realizing it's "THAT" item. Then it's all about the tactile explorations - is it well made and as beautiful as the picture? Would the proportions work for my body?

My interest is increased if they have the size and the item is the cut that I know would fit me. I kindof like being a hard fit because it's a good way to keep my retail therapy in control. :)

I think the most interesting part of the process, though, is asking the ultimate personal style question, "is this me?" which bodes "who am I?" I'm sure many would laugh at how much importance I place on the introspective quality here...but truly it's one of the most wonderful things about being a fashionerdisa.

V*Kstro said...

New addiction: retail recovery

Something really has to stand out for it to stop me on my tracks. It comes down to when you are searching for something specific and vuala! there it is. You can tell when something really stops me, because I'll be complimenting someone. As long as its not overdone and you can see some effort was put into it. Color coordination comes into play, not to mention creativety + originality!

editor said...

genx theorist - you're safe here. "is this me" is not only my mantra while shopping, but just daily when i choose my outfit. and when you hit it, when it IS right, it feels sooooo goooooood. :)

v*kstro - thank you for saying that!

so it's agreed - we're all nuts. lol
that's how people look at me who don't care much, don't get any satisfaction out of fashion. people who think it's a chore to get dressed. oh yes, they're out there. incredible true.

Candid Cool said...

I'm always a sucker for a wickedly high heel by Mr. Christian Louboutin

Anonymous said...

Candid - my coworker and I were just looking at the Loubs online - argh so fabulous!

Thanks for offering a safe space Editor - it's so nice to have. Yes, many of even my closest and dearest consider clothing to be simply a way to cover up for the day. I can't imagine feeling like that for the life of me...and I'm sure they can't imagine putting all the effort into it that I do. But I'm so serious when I say that sometimes, fashion saves my life. It's the one consistently beautiful, cheering thing I can turn my thoughts to when I'm bored or upset. :)

Carlene said...

Seeing a bad knockoff of something, I know it's trickled down too far for me, then even the original loses it's magic.

Seeing every other person on the train with some version of an item. Remember those square-toed shoes?

Iheartfashion said...

I agree with Carlene; anything ubiquitous like the Damier LV bags loses its appeal for me. If it's popular enough to be knocked off or all the celebutantes du jour are wearing it, I probably don't want one.

kunsthaus said...

when it comes to art: something that repulses me but fascinates me at the same time

and i agree..when something becomes too trendy it kinda looses it's appeal for me, at least at the time it's trendy
so the opposite, when nobody except maybe a few individuals are wearing a certain piece, than that can increase my interest in it

- this is seriously such a great blog, so self-reflecting and interesting to read what other people have to say
i just saw btw that you don't really link blogs, so that's fine if you don't want to