To the rescue

when you need to be strong, feel confident, accomplish something, are there certain items or accessories that give you an extra boost? either talismans of good luck, or items that give you a different stance/attitude, better posture, sense of power.

do you have power pieces?
and then too, do you have pieces of comfort?


GenX Theorist said...

Yay, Wonder Woman! When are we going to see a new WW that's as awesome as the Batman series or Spiderman is? Who would play her?

Very funny you should ask this question today, Editor, as I'm off to a final interview for my most-perfect-job-ever! :) I'll be wearing my below the knee pencil, some layered tops and my Dries pinstriped suit jacket. And heels. After much experimentation I have realized that this is indeed my Wonder Woman suit because it says just what I want to say about myself in a first impression, that I'm nerdy but a fashion nerdista as well.

I always feel really comfortable in this format as well, very lean and like I'm not going to have a wardrobe malfunction. I do have pieces of comfort, i'd say they're dresses, that are more artsy/ volume, less power girl.

GenX Theorist said...

Oh, and I should also say that one of the main reasons this is my power outfit is because it's not something I wouldn't wear for no reason as well. I think it's important not to be in some getup that people then never see you in again. :)

Carlene said...

Fragrance! I have different perfumes for different moods...for grown-up, strong & confident, Chanel Coco; for more business-like, a long-discontinued scent from Banana, called Modern (I stocked up) (Also, a lot of the time, it's all about the hair). For comfort, MPG Fraicheur Muskissime and Parfums DelRae Bois de Paradis.

Candid Cool said...

My really high stiletto heels, I tower over people in them, and I have a pair of knee high boots with a high stacked heel as well.

For comfort I have a really soft J.Lindeberg "boyfriend" tunic that is so cozy but still chic.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, it's Midnight. Lol, power = high heels!! Funny thing is that I really have to be in the mindset to wear them and I rarely am. I end up at 5'11" which makes me taller than DH, (bummer) and taller than the majority of women I know and a fair share of the men.

One thing: I always have the nagging feeling that heels exaggerate my short-waisted/long legged porportions in a bad way. There might be an underlying ambivalent feeling which negates any potential power factor.(?)

I'm not sure about this thought actually, I mean we project what we project but how much of it has to do with our outfits? Is it more our feeling about ourselves in the outfit or the judgement of others seeing us in it? How much of this do/can we control?

I just realized that power or confidence is something I rarely feel have to dredge up with particular clothes these days. I guess that's the good side of getting abundance of confidence that no matter what I'm wearing, whatever happens, it always seems to turn out just fine in the end :)

On the flip side, I totally fall down on the comfort side. Appearance matters to me alot. I WANT to look good for my H in particular, I mean the guy has been looking at the same me for over 20 years so I figure I might as well be looking good even if it means I have to sacrifice comfort.

I think I wrongly equate comfort dressing to lazy dressing and I'm not willing to do that quite yet. Maybe when I turn 75?? I need to think about this more that's for sure.

Carlene said...

p.s. Tony recognizes the artist of Wonder Woman as Darwyn Cooke.

editor said...

genx theorist - how did the interview go???

carlene - i just found out today that my fragrance has been discontinued. not a banner day for me.
(thank your guy for the art credit!!!)

candid cool - i have a strong memory of making a powerful impression one time in high heels, and surely the heels ( + slicked back hair and red lips) were the source, and it was a good good feeling.

midnight - for sure i carried myself differently and was in a particular frame of mind to even pick a powerful appearance in the first place, so there is a chicken-and-the-egg thing happening in terms of power clothes, but i know there have been times i was grateful i didn't bump into people i knew (due to my appearance), so confidence and posture can only carry me so far, but a good shower, good hair/skin/etc. and the right outfit to make me feel complete (hey better than saying i need a man! LOL) really have an impact on me, and therefore on what i project and how i am perceived. when we reach for these special items, we already are in or are hoping to be inspired to be in a great, strong frame of mind.
and i too regard "comfort" clothes as giving up. lol yoga pants belong in yoga class (if i were the yoga type - sadly i am not). (oh, and having different proportions from you, i cannot imagine long legs looking anything but great! :)

V*Kstro said...

I have to say my watch. But at the same time I would have to see my hole ensemble for the particular night/event. I'm sure WW would not wear her super bracelets with her business suit and vice/versa. As long as I feel comfortable with the whole outfit I can handle anything.

Anonymous said...

(Midnight) Trust me....33 inch inseam for flats, make that 35/36 for heels can really look over the top for ordinary life when you have a short upper body.

Chicken or the egg...that's a great way to put it! I'd like to figure out exactly how much control I really have over that though! You are thought provoking as usual Editor....I'm going to mull this over all night I'm sure :)

Iheartfashion said...

Midnight, I can relate! I have a 34" inseam, and stand 6ft tall in my heels, with 2/3 of my body below the waist. I've never gotten over being called "grasshopper" (by my brother) as a teenager and haven't worn a shirt tucked in since then.
As for a power outfit, when I had a more corporate job I had a sleek Jil Sander-esque pants suit that I always felt was lucky. Nowadays I can wear whatever I want, but I still have a very narrow-cut Gucci black tux jacket that I throw on over jeans and feel I can conquer the world in.

editor said...

v*kstro - i hadn't thought about it, but you're right, in addition to certain pieces, the whole outfit has to feel right, that is key.

midnight & iheartfashion - don't let those childhood nicknames fool you, ducklings turn into swans! the body shape you're talking about is beautiful. grass is always greener.
(ps iheartfashion, ooooo, narrow-cut gucci tux jacket, yeah, that's power!)

GenX Theorist said...

Editor - the interview went great, thanks for asking! :)

I often have the opposite issue with power dressing here in Portland, Ore, because the norm is so casual. Sometimes I feel my fashion is off-putting to folks here so I try to stay really on my conservative side when I interview; without being untrue to myself. (I do have a nerdy tweedy side so it's not too hard.)

Re comfort dressing: of all places, once I was reading a book by the guy that started Aveda...and he had a really good "life tip" that stuck with me that when you get home, change into something comfortable that is also visually pleasing to your partner. :) Silky flowy PJs or a robe always do the trick for being comfortable but also still feeling good. However, sometimes I wonder if my neighbors laugh at me when I'm cleaning up the dog poo in my 40's nightie (hope that wasn't TMI lol)

dreamecho said...

both my power pieces and my comfort pieces vary as i vary in mood, attitude, beliefs and knowledge.

often, i use my clothes to counteract my mood that day. for instance, when i am feeling conflicted, frustrated and generally jumbled in mind and spirit, i will wear something very simple or streamlined to help me focus my thoughts and emotions. conversely, when i feel clear and at peace, i will wear more avant garde, quirkier outfits to give myself more energy. in these situations of mental and spiritual clarity, i find strength in the chaotic.

as an ever-changing being, i find that my power item of tuesday will not necessarily be my power item for wednesday. i'm basically trying to balance myself out through my clothes and find strength from contrasting sources. what i wear, then, is often not necessarily a direct reflection of what i feel and think, but actually the opposite thereof.

your blog is fantastic. i've been admiring it from afar for awhile now. i really enjoyed your discussion contributions on tfs; it was there that i also discovered 34 pieces. keep up the good work!

fashionista-ta said...

I immediately thought "high heels," but I also agree with perfume (Poison) and lipgloss/lipstick (shiny, glittery, bright). For comfort I love cardigans, and have lots. Often wear both cardigan & heels ;)

editor said...

dreamecho - i LOVE your point about contrasting your clothing with your mood. that really appeals to me. i have to think about if i do that, or if i always have my style echo my mood. very very interesting!!
ps - so happy you've been reading and enjoying, but thank you so much for posting.

HipKid said...

I fine that good make up (not a lot) and an incredible perfume makes me feel great and powerful. I once bought this scent in California called Sun. It smells like summer. It's light and beautiful and has a certain je ne sais quoi, and I paid something stupid like $21 for it. Every time I wore it men would go crazy. I was wearing it at work one day and this man that I had a lot of respect for asked me what I was wearing. I told him it was an essential oil. He said, "It certainly is." Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it since.