10 labels

how to play: it's a word search. there are 10 labels hidden here, each label's name is six letters or less (eg. marni... oops).
how to win: find 'em.
what to do after that: first person to find all 10 should
1. post the comment "done!" in the comment box so that anyone else still struggling knows that the game is up (don't post the list in case someone else is still doing it... just for fun). don't type "done" in the comment box unless a. you really are done, and b. you are comfortable giving me your address (see point 2 below).
2. email me (retailrecovery.editor@gmail.com) the list of the 10 labels you found (it's not that i don't trust you, really) and an address where i can send you a small (be realistic) prize. i'll post something official like "yup" in the comment box if the submitted list is complete.
3. after the first "done" comment, and my "yup" confirmation, the game is over. :)


Anonymous said...




editor said...

"yup" with a twist.

i actually have 2 winners (very impressive, btw. i'll have to make it a little harder next time. :D).
laika emailed me but didn't want to write "done" too soon. sabina finished and typed done, plus, she found a label i hadn't even inserted, so if you're still doing this puzzle for the heck of it, there are technically 11 labels - please let me know if anyone finds 12!
i will be sending my two word search fiends a little treat tomorrow.
thanks so much for playing.