Touring in style

traveling is an opportunity to hear a different language, try new food, adapt to foreign customs, and be exposed to alternative shopping. it's comforting and disappointing to find myself drawn to familiar brands when i am away from home. too safe? is it important to steer away from these when abroad, or is personal style something that goes with you and continues to dictate your shopping habits, so consistency is natural?

how do you shop on vacation?


JakJak said...

When I travel I like to use the shops as another way of "sight-seeing" I adore seeing the different foods, drinks and of course clothing styles. But really clothing styles just dont differ that much over the world anymore I find. Also my personal style always comes with me (such as it is) so anything I buy is usually in line with that but hopefully in a more exotic brand!

Carlene said...

First of all, honey, you're in Belgium, where the coolest brands in the world are born, so it doesn't apply's not like you've managed to hunt down a Dress Barn or something. Although, I do want coffee in every country, and I expect it to be there (and you know what? it always is)

You're style is international; your "familiar" isn't most people's... I think if you went to Vegas (although I can't be sure, since it's gone upscale) you wouldn't find as much that's comforting & familiar, because they are catering to a completely different clientele. (Unless you wear a lot of Versace, I think they have a shop there now.)

I am the same as jakjak, shopping and eating (and people watching) are my sightseeing. Just because I'm not a Versace girl doesn't mean I'm not going in there to see who is!

(sorry, I think I's 5 a.m.)

editor said...

carlene - but i am gravitating to apc, etc. and that makes me feel silly, or wonder if i am.
i guess taste does dictate what you will like, no matter where you are (duh, right), so like jakjak said, i can't really expect to be gravitating towards something too different just because i'm in a different place. maybe it was the jet lag talking (that is still haunting me in a big big way).

Iheartfashion said...

I think you're right to gravitate to what you already like. I often make the mistake of buying something utterly out of character for me when I'm in another country, only to never wear it once I'm home.

editor said...

wait, iheartfashion, are you giving me license to shop wherever i want for whatever i want? (oh pretty please) :D