What if

when shopping, sometimes we happen upon an item that is perfect for something. these pieces conjure up moments they were meant for - a night out, a nice dinner, a momentous occasion, or maybe that time you had nothing to wear and this would have been perfect. so you buy it, in anticipation of a need. "just in case" it sits in your closet. "just in case" is always spared during spring cleaning. hasn't happened yet, but any day it could be called into service. this is the item that will have your back, on your back. sometimes, having "just in case" ready to go on the old hanger works like an umbrella on a cloudy day, miraculously, and mysteriously staving off any need whatsoever for it. mother nature doesn't care that you've carried the awkward gear all over town all day. not a drop, not even so much as a mist.

i recently (today) got rid of a "just in case" that i had kept for years. but i was so tired of passing it over for no particular reason. "just in case" was insurance, but it wasn't right some how. i feel a teeny tiny bit vulnerable. has anyone checked the forecast?


Anonymous said...

It's OK Editor, I'm sure your instincts were correct that it was time to let go.

I'll join the therapy group for a second though...I just took about 15 things to consignment and while I love when the gals at the shop love my stuff I also feel vulnerable when that happens as I start to ask "should I really have gotten rid of that?"

But now, a few weeks later, my closet is lighter and makes more sense. Plus I know I'll get some sweet cash back for that load which by then I'll have forotten about. ;)

Hard as it is, I'm an advocate for aggressive closet editing. It's such a big part of the sartorial self-understanding process. I learn a lot about my shopping habits when I examine why this or that item never got used. It's made me better.

On the other hand, I have amazing fashionista friends that are more of the excessive camp. You know those friends that have rooms full of couture, fabulous items spilling out of every drawer, closets stuffed, and they always look great? And they're the ones that can pull out their tent coat from 1985...which always gives me pangs of regret when I think about my fabulous wardrobes of yesteryear that sometimes, I'd just like to say Hi to.

I had a coworker a while back that was like this. Her entire apartment in SF was rigged to accommodate her wardrobe. She'd lived in London in the 80s...and occasionally she'd arrive at work in full on classic punk gear left over from those days, black zipper pants, black wingtips, suspenders, leather jacket and usually a rock-a-billy girl updo.

That was incredible...and omg I'm getting long here but this is bringing me to my second response bit about the events we buy for. Which is just to say - other than going out to dinner - I don't really go anywhere too fabulous anymore - so instead I just am too fabulous, all the time, for whatever I'm doing. :) I suppose I'm hoping to start a mass movement where everyone starts dressing up again. So far, not working.

But...I am eyeing a long dress this year. I've been wanting a long dress forever. And even for me, this one wouldn't be for work (black lace, long). I suppose it would wait for something...

Iheartfashion said...

Oh-I meant to let you know that Ines de la Fressange was in the NY Times "T" magazine this past Sunday, their fall fashion special. Lookin' good, bien sur!

Candid Cool said...

I used to shop like this maybe 3 years ago. I bought cute little dresses, which I absolutely do not wear. Once I realized I had a closet full of clothing that I could not wear, I was able to remedy it. But I do have the perfect LBS(weater)D. Deep vneck, to the knee, subtly belled sleeves, fit & flare shape…(And the dresses I wear are to the ankle if not sweeping the floor) I wore it twice out as a “jacket.”
But it hangs in my closet, for “someday.”

Well, I’ve got a mannequin; she gets more use out of it than I do. I can’t bear to part with it though, it’s too PERFECT. Thank goodness I was sensible enough NOT to buy the kimono dress Proenza Schouler did for Target, that was gorgeous, but I couldn’t resist trying it on though ;)

ps. While iheart mentioned Ines, I located that Harpers Bazaar issue they featured her in. Apparently, she's a brand ambassador for Roger Vivier. Not sure exactly what that entails but it sounds enviable.