Winning combinations

yesterday i saw a woman wearing a charcoal grey dress, a light-weight charcoal grey jacket of the same length, bare legs, charcoal sandals and... a yellow purse. it was just a beautiful combination. i see things like this and they strike me, but then, i think, no matter how much i don't want to, i lose the memory of them - so hopefully writing it here will help me remember how appealing i found it. (that's a close up of a reeses, by the way.)

do you remember things you've seen that inspired you?
any color combinations in particular?


V*Kstro said...

Unconsciously, I'm inspired everyday by color. I tend to go back and forth on color and black. This season i'm loving the greys, black and white, plus the metallic fabrics. Sometimes i see one piece (a tie, or socks, colorful bag, sweater)and depending on the combinations that ONE piece has... you can work a whole wardrobe around the colors, but not necessarily on the inspired piece, i'm thinking the colors could work for my next ensemble for the weekend.

Iheartfashion said...

Right now I love gold with pale purple, yellow with gray or silver, bright red and chocolate brown and coral pink with a muddy olive/brown. Like you, I try to make note of interesting color combinations I see, and clip magazine photos that inspire too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Editor - I've been loving your travel photos. I remember being very inspired by the flemish painting in Belgium - the combo of royal blue and deep red, silks and velvets. The colors of Santa Fe, deserts and turquoise. And my Mom's friend from Amsterdam when she wore a red raincoat with a light eggshell blue dress and went flying around the city on her bike. She had this pair of big blue aquamarine earrings that she'd wear with the outfit that just set the whole thing off so beautifully.

editor said...

v*kstro - i go back and forth too. i spent a week or 2 a short while ago determined that i was going to only do monochrome. an all grey outfit, an all red outfit, etc. i love the effect, but there are too many conflicting fashion personalities in me and at some point, i needed to mix it up (literally).

iheartfashion - i love gold with purple. and gold with teal. and red with teal (some valentino ads about a year ago had a great color combo like this)... i need to update my clippings binder. :)

genx theorist - more pictures later today or early tomorrow (saturday)

Candid Cool said...

I've been inspired by colors I saw in a street style picture, such as deep purple + python skin.

Also proportions inspire me. I saw a street style picture of a girl wearing a long shirt dress/tunic under a vest. The clothes itself weren't inspiring but I liked the proportions.