Are you being served

in amsterdam, shop staff everywhere i went were truly friendly. it was the first time i enjoyed exchanges with sales people ever. friendly, informed, curious and helpful. prior to that experience, i would have said that my ideal shopping experience involves zero contact with sales staff until i need to pay at the register.

what is your ideal relationship with a sales person?


Iheartfashion said...

I have to say that my ideal relationship with salesclerks is NO relationship. I hate the feeling that someone is trying to sell me, so I'll usually not go back to a store where they use the technique of commenting on every garment you touch: "Oh, I love that top! That would be perfect on you!"
Once in a while I meet a saleperson who is extremely knowledgable and also not pushy, like Thuy in Barneys Boston store who suggested a brand of shoes for me that only Saks carried.

ambika said...

I want a sales person to acknolwedge my presence by offering to help, and looking happily available if I have questions. However, other than that, I do NOT need input on how something looks or accessories to go with it.

These days, unless I'm at Nordstroms, service tends to fall at the other end of the spectrum--clerks ignore you entirely (hello American Apparel), which I don't like either.

I never said I was easy to please :)

Anonymous said...

Every place I currently shop is a place where I have a friend, an actual friend, that works there. Most of the time I've made friends with this person by the process of my shopping excursions, striking up conversations with them about the intellect of fashion, and ending up with a like-seeks-like friendship. I suppose it's a combination of multiple factors, 1. right place, right time 2. finding really cool people that work fashion retail because they love fashion, whether they own their own boutique or they work for a fashion house, 3. Me being a somewhat different type of customer (perhaps I attract my sales friends to me?!) 4. Living in a friendly town (although I tend to also make friends if I order things over the phone or by internet/email...because my stores are so specific that I figure I'll be back and it's great to have a contact.)

I suppose it's luck of the draw that I've found terrific people that I click with just by virtue of shopping, but I think it's also finding those in 'the biz' that are truly in it for the love of it. I mean, one thing is, I buy, but I'm not loaded so I'm not the ideal customer for commissions. So...I'm not attracting the sales people that are looking for high volume alone, but I am attracting those who love to go through the selection process with me and know that long-term...I'll be a good customer and relationship to have.

I really enjoy being friends with my friends who work at my few trusted places because it's just pure pleasure to garner their expertise - they know first what's coming up, what looks good, how to alter, all sorts of amazing stuff. but, most of all, I've just been lucky to meet some really terrific people in my fashion quest.

I do tend to steer clear of places that are all about aggressive sales and that are clearly focused on that. So perhaps my friends have been found through quick process of elimination.

Candid Cool said...

I think I'll always be a Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute ("Shop Girl") at heart.

It sucks when sales people are being too pushy, sometimes it has to do with a district manager breathing down their neck...

I always think it's great to find one that genuinely loves fashion and wants to help you find something you love.


editor said...

iheartfashion, ambika - i agree. a friendly/genuine smile when i enter to let me know that they are available for me, and then that is it!

genx theorist, candid cool - i only ever want help with finding my correct size. :p
the idea of having a friend be part of the equation when i'm shopping, genx, would be enough to keep me shopping via the internet for the rest of my days. i like total anonymity for some reason...

TravelGretta said...

Salespeople should be seen but not heard. Until I need assistance.