Good neighbors

in antwerp, i was initially very pleased to find that there were 5 wonderful stores, all perfect for my taste, within a 4 block area located 2 blocks from our hotel. then i considered that the stores chose their similar locations and proximity to one another to best attract a very similar audience. i felt predictable. in amsterdam, this concern was challenged when my 2 favorite stores were located at a significant distance from one another, in entirely different areas, and with very different clientele, albeit one shopping for not dissimilar items. would this indicate that i was inconsistent. then i considered that i was happily shopping thousands of miles from home either way.

are your favorite stores all in one neighborhood?
would you like that convenience, or prefer more diversity?


Iheartfashion said...

I wish!
I could make do with Newbury St in Boston if I had to choose one local street.

Anonymous said...

Alas, my favourite shops are spread all over the city (Toronto). I've developed a habit of patronizing those in my neighbourhood a bit more often. It's wonderful to walk from home and then back again. And it's wonderful to support local businesses. Quite honestly, I enjoy the convenience.