pippi longstocking (young inger nilsson). come on, the girl was named after her signature choice in hosiery! she had a monkey, she lived alone, she could ride a horse, heck, she could lift a horse! she liked her boots a few sizes too big so she could wiggle her toes. she just was herself, mismatched stockings and all.


landis said...

ok, while i do appreciate the cross-referential blog inspiration moment . . . i am not sure everyone is on the same page with me around the relative hotness of redheads.

this veers dangerously into "to catch a predator" territory for me.


editor said...

(technically, inspiration credit goes to my sister, who is always herself.)
and yes, i will acknowledge that pippi's appeal has nothing whatsoever to do with "hotness"

Candid Cool said...

back when i was in high school i used to sing the song to my friend's little sister whenever she wore her hair in pigtails
she had no idea what i was talking about

kids these days...they don't make kid shows like they used to, i tell ya

martha said...

I have to say, it is good to be reminded of a more ... uncensored perspective.

a. said...

that's so funny that you posted this... just last week i was thinking about pippi and how inspirational she was to me when i was young. so i dug around on netflix and now a bunch of pippi movies are in my queue.

editor said...

a. - it's been a loooo-oooooo-ooooong time since i thought about pippi, and yet the original series i saw is burned in my memory - i didn't even realize it was there. i will be curious to know how you find the viewing this time around.