The test of time

i dog-eared these pages from a runway magazine...years ago, and still love them now. either my taste doesn't change, the cycle of fashion has come full circle, or these are irrefutably great looks (okay, okay, i will concede that some might challenge that assertion, since what is fabulous is highly subjective, so that just brings us back to the first option).

do you ever revisit past favorites and find that they have lost their appeal?


Carlene said...

I keep clippings, and go through them every once in a while and, yes, some of them do lose their appeal. It usually has to do with silhouettes, sometimes something that seemed so innovative a few years ago just looks...weird now. I think maybe that extra-long flare (low-rise) pant over a pointy heel looked really great at first. Now it just seems tired (to me).

I don't know where, or when, the photos you posted are from, but they look really fresh to me, and I would absolutely, happily wear each and every one of those outfits. Whose collection is it!!??

editor said...

hmmm, let's wait a bit and see if anyone wants to venture a guess as to what year these pictures are from. i'll post the info later tonight.

Iheartfashion said...

Those outfits are fantastic! I'd wear most of them too. Are they Junya Watanabe?
In answer to the question: yes, some things I've loved look hopelessly dated to me now, such as my teenage penchant for sweatshirt dresses and neon fishnets, which may have made a reappearance in fashion, but not in my closet.

editor said...

iheartfashion - good guess, of course, but no. :D
you know, i think back to my favorite pieces i've owned, even going back to ...when i was 9! i would wear them today. i remember a pair of fitted purple cargo pants. not baggy, but really well-fitting purple pants with cargo pockets. i have a really really really old perry ellis sweatshirt that i recently dug up and will wear, despite the holes and the fact that i cut off the elastic at the cuffs at some point (it was my mom's sweatshirt and the sleeves were too short on me, so i recall i thought it would be better to make them "bracelet-length" than to look like the piece had shrunk). i'll post it in with my fall line-up soon on the other blog.

editor said...

the pictures are from the fall '01 runway of Y's bis LIMI.

Anonymous said...

Editor, sorry I'm late to respond here but I love this post. Incredible clothes! I think one of the major compasses for finding our true unique style is, after all of the fashion faux pas and disasterous getups, seeing the blips since the beginning of time where we were 'ourselves' with our clothes.

I can go all the way back to my childhood (see my post "Grateful for Green Tights") and find outfits that are still my model for today. My Mom's colorful leanings and appreciation for bright prints (and that picture was in Amsterdam she was doubtless inspired by the dutch aesthetic!) a major building block. I also have pictures and can remember my first wardrobe (post: notes from the closet) that I picked out all myself that worked like a charm. Many of those pieces I'd still wear today too.

Funny, I just got my fall sack dress, in an African type print, and realized that it really hearkens back to some of those great, baggy "Denise from The Cosby Show" 80s outfits. and, I love it! :)

editor said...

genx theorist - omgd, i was JUST thinking about lisa bonet last night! as denise, she certainly exemplified a comfort in clothing, clothing as second skin, organic layering techniques and shapeless style that nevertheless flattered. very very eeeeeeeeenteresting.
oh, and i agree with the other stuff too. lol i'm going to spend some time thinking about the style of my youth and see how much is still there - it seems like a lot i think.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, total mind meld dudette! That's cool.

This whole subject is making me review some of my past as well. In particular, I just pulled out an old Kate Spade bag that I bought on Ebay when Ebay was first up and running. I'm 90% sure it's a fake, and I remember paying like, 80 bucks for it. It was right before the whole canal st. thing....and right before I realized that knowing-your-labels is a good thing.

Anyway, I'm standing here with my c1998 fake KS and laughing at those times when I've been such a fashion victim. And realizing ever more how important it is to see the times when it wasn't so...when something about the wardrobe, the outfit, melted so well into my being that it was me, timeless and right.

The 80s were such a block-y colorful time - so easy to make fun of in the 90s when we all graduated to jeans and black riot grrl bras - but now I feel drawn to some of those layerings and concepts.

Ooo, I'm totally fashion-nerding out! :)