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there are so many choices, at so many price points, with every imaginable cut, fit, color, fabric, label and length... is anyone missing anything? sometimes, with the amount and variety being offered,
it is hard to tell if i'm settling for anything or if i'm choosing exactly what i want.

is there any one piece of clothing that you cannot find, or have not seen to meet your specifications?


editor said...

i saw the perfect trench coat (for me) a few years back an hesitated, so counting that, i would have to confess that no, it seems that everything i could want has been produced/offered.

Carlene said...

I'd like to find good quality white cotton t-shirts that are long in the torso and fitted close to the body with sleeves that are at least 4 inches in the underarm. So simple. Doesn't exist.

Iheartfashion said...

Yes! I'm with Carlene re the perfect white tee. They are never long enough for me, or the sleeves are too short.
And with a dozen or so pairs of jeans in my closet, I'm continually searching for a more perfect pair, with just the right inseam/rise/fit.

Candid Cool said...

I sometimes say if I wear ever to write a book, it would be about the Perfect White Tee Shirt. I believe I found it in the Proenza Schouler for Target line.

Anywho, I know there are items in my closet that are exactly perfect, my jaw dropped & knew it was IT when I saw it. Like a skinny racer back waist coat from J.Lindeberg (and that description does not do it justice) and an amazing pair of vintage revolver cuff links.


Candid Cool said...


editor said...

lol candid cool, it was a freudian slip.
as for t-shirts, i can't say i ever found the perfect one, but i stopped looking when i realized that i didn't like t-shirts on me... maybe it's just because i hadn't found the right one yet.

a. said...

yes, not just one, but many.

1) the perfect black jacket. sort of bomber/baseball style. could be leather but doesn't have to be. i had this (almost - made by the gap - had some superficial gimmicks but the cut was great) and lost it. i suppose this is the problem; trying to replace something you loved is likely impossible. but still - the only ones that come close are typically leather and way out of my price range. there seems to be nothing even close that is cheaper and canvas/thick cotton.

2) the perfect pair of jeans. i had one, made by seven, but then they changed their cut AND fabric. and so the search continues.

3) white t-shirt . i would agree on this except that i have actually stopped looking, so perhaps it exists and i just don't know about it. i want something with a slightly thicker fabric, but anything i've seen like that is done in a "mom" cut. nothing close to cool and hip. (close to the body etc.)

4) simple, plain oxford-style shoes. ok, yes, these do exist, but again out of my price range. it seems wrong that such a (once) basic style doesn't exist at a reasonable price point.

i could keep going on and on... the right trench in the right color (khaki, NOT putty), the perfect denim skirt... but i will stop here for length...

editor, i love your blogs. i think this is the first time i'm posting. one question - is there a reason that you don't have the date of your postings appear? i have no idea how old this post of yours that i'm responding to is. :-)

editor said...

a. - i update the blog daily, so if you count backwards, you can guess the date. :) BUT, i don't put the dates on my posts intentionally (yes) because i don't want to discourage someone from responding to or reading an older one. my posts are not, for the post part, urgent or time-sensitive, so hopefully they would be as relevant a month or year from now, etc. to anyone wanting to think harder about or rethink their approach to fashion/clothing/style, reading the second post might be as helpful/interesting/stimulating as the 100th.
i don't know if you would have been any more or less likely to respond to this if there had been a date -- but either way, i'm glad you responded/participated/enjoyed (i'm sorry, i'm in a dashy mood). :)

landis said...

it's not that i can't find things eventually, but i can't find them WHEN I NEED THEM.

right now? the perfect navy pant. apparently, navy not so in for men right now, and one shop even told me it was a "summer" color.

i know. navy. the eternal basic.